Managing Foreign Currency Risk Best Practices from the Treasury Professional and Technology Solutions Provider

Treasury professionals are now expected to be more proactive than ever by anticipating and initiating change, rather than reacting to events. Optimizing and protecting cash, and minimizing exposure across a wide range of risks are at the forefront for proactive treasury teams. It’s critical that key measures are taken to enable organizations to execute effective risk strategies.

As the scope of financial risk factors continues to evolve and change for the treasury professional, the same holds true for the technology vendor and implementation provider. The waterfall effect from the changes in risk management standards across the entire treasury space makes it especially crucial and challenging for each participant to stay proactive and in line with the best practices. Treasury professionals also need to stay on top of all issues associated with managing, delivering and implementing risk management solutions that meet industry standards today and into the future.

Play back our interactive discussion related to the best practices, concerns and solutions of managing foreign currency risk, and the tools that can help your organization deliver more business value. The session will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Managing foreign currency risk from the treasurer and treasury manager viewpoint
  • Delivering risk management solutions that meets the needs of treasury teams
  • Implementing risk management solutions that stay on target, on time and within budget
  • Best practices and innovative solutions to managing foreign currency risk
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