Moving Treasury from Cost to Profit Center with Supply Chain Finance

Recent economic turmoil has put corporate treasurers center stage – the treasurer is the essential decision information provider to the CFO. Rather than “doing more with less” to cut operational costs, corporate treasurers are now accountable to find new sources of cash and liquidity, as well as improve financial returns.

In this webinar, AITE Group and Kyriba discussed the opportunities for early payment discounting to provide strategies to unlock business value for any organization. Key topics discussed included:

  • The expansion of the treasurer’s responsibilities to liquidity, working capital, and supply chain risk management
  • How intelligent treasury management systems enable treasurers to expand their reach and strategic value within the organization
  • The importance of supply chain solutions, including supply chain finance and dynamic discounting for early supplier payments – and why supply chain finance is a critical tool for corporate customers
Supply Chain Finance Payable and Receivable Solutions Guide

Global Business Intelligence Guide: Supply Chain Finance Payable and Receivable Solutions

The guide addresses the myriad issues around SCF programs, such as the cost of credit and credit availability, the impact of Basel III on Trade Credit, and more. Among other topics highlighted, the authors discuss issues Corporations need to foresee and address in order to ensure their Supply Chains are not disrupted due to the lack of credit availability.