Operational Risk Management – T&R Alexander Hamilton Awards Webinar series

Listen to the recording of the 19th annual Alexander Hamilton Awards webinar, and hear the succes stories in the operational risk management category. 

Find out from Deloitte principal Melissa Cameron about her research on treasury’s shift toward the strategic. Hear Zinn from Microsoft share his thoughts on the state of corporate treasury and the role of the modern treasurer, as he participates in a Q&A session with other winners. Listen to the presenters from the three organizations that have completed outstanding initiatives in improving their operational risk management processes and learn:
  • How Dun & Bradstreet revamped risk management processes companywide to embed risk considerations into every facet of organizational decision-making
  • How Mayo Clinic developed a broad view of organizational risk by integrating risk information across a swath of disparate and decentralized IT systems
  • How Microsoft treasury strengthened controls around wire transfers by internally developing a Web-based tool that meets the company’s very specific needs
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