Partner Sales & Pre-sales Certification

Backed by strong incentives and market-leading technology, Kyriba delivers one of the strongest and most comprehensive partner programs in the industry. Called PartnerSURGE, the program is designed to let Kyriba’s strategic partners share in the rapidly expanding market for world-class treasury and finance technology. The first step in that process is enrolling in Kyriba’s Partner Sales Enablement program, which offers sales certification and in-depth training to help partner teams quickly build pipeline, close their first deals and sustain long-term success.

Kyriba’s Partner Sales Enablement program helps sales professionals understand:

  1. The unique needs and challenges of liquidity and risk management professionals
  2. The business value offered by Kyriba’s market-leading solution
  3. How to present Kyriba’s value proposition to separate Kyriba from the competition and win new business
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Enterprise Liquidity

Transform how you use liquidity as a dynamic vehicle for growth and value creation

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