Supply Chain Finance as a Working Capital Optimization and Risk Management Solution

In today’s economic climate, maintaining access to adequate levels of working capital is essential for both Buyers and Suppliers in all industries to preserve the flow of goods. There are a number of Supply Chain Finance strategies that can help improve liquidity and working capital as well as ensure the financial health of the supply chain, a critical risk management technique.

Treasury professionals, CFOs, Credit Managers, and anyone interested or involved in Supply Chain Finance should listen to the recording of the webinar to learn more about Supply Chain Finance (SCF) and the strategic impact on the Treasurer, the benefits Suppliers and Buyers can expect from SCF, as well as how Payables Financing works.

Featured Speakers

  • Abhinav Saigal, Director, Supply Chain Finance, Kyriba Corporation
  • Bob Stark, VP Marketing Strategy, Kyriba Corporation

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Aite Group White Paper: Treasury Management Systems and Supply Chain Finance

Aite Group White Paper: Treasury Management Systems and Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance can provide huge benefits across the supply chain. For vendors, it enables them to have rapid access to cash. For purchasers, it enables them to generate high, risk-free rates of return on their corporate cash. This white paper, developed by Aite Group and available exclusively from Kyriba highlights the key features and benefits of a supply chain finance program and shows why the integration between treasury management system (TMS) technology and SCF solutions is becoming a necessity.