Making Sure You Select the Right TMS Solution for Your Organization

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While a majority of corporate treasuries still depend on spreadsheets to run their treasury related operations, more and more organizations are adopting treasury management systems (TMS).  In this presentation, KPMG cuts through the hype and mystery of selecting a TMS and provide their expert insight on this topic.

Topics discussed include:

  • How to navigate through the numerous vendors that serve the market today, each with their own unique characteristics and capabilities
  • The proper approach, questions, and evaluation techniques you should be using in your selection process
  • The value of complete security, client support, and pain free upgrades when considering the right TMS for your organization
Featured Speakers: 

Christopher G. Duffy, Director - KPMG LLP
Chris is a Director for KPMG’s Treasury and Market Risk Management Practice with over 25 years experience in Financial Services, Capital Markets, and Corporate Treasury. Chris provides clients with a broad perspective on addressing risk management issues, having held senior positions in corporate treasury, banking, government, and advisory roles over the course of his career.  He has provided clients with project management support on treasury integration and acquisition integration activities.

Dory Malouf, Treasury Advisor - Kyriba
Dory is a Treasury and Cash Management thought leader with a professionally recognized career. Dory recently joined Kyriba as a Treasury Advisor at the start of 2014, after being a treasury practitioner for the past 14 years at leading corporates in the Detroit area such as Pulte Homes. Dory has implemented and utilized four different treasury management systems in his career and is passionate about the world of treasury operations and how technology unlocks process improvement and business value.