Treasury Management Resources

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Kyriba offers a fully web-based SaaS solution that delivers optimized decision-making, minimized risks, enhanced control and compliance, and increased operational productivity.


Given the multitude of new government regulations affecting corporate treasury, treasurers are facing an uphill battle to keep pace with regulatory compliance never mind optimize financial performance within these regulatory frameworks. Regulations such as Section 385, FBAR, and updated hedge accounting standards are only the tip of the iceberg for treasury teams to manage.

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The FinTech revolution is upon us and emerging technologies are already having an impact on corporate treasury and treasury technology. See how AFP's latest Treasury in Practice (TIP) guide highlights the treasury potential of distributed ledger technology, machine learning, APIs. (FP TiP Guide underwritten by Kyriba)

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Supply chain finance (SCF) is becoming an increasingly popular topic among treasurers and CFO as working capital and risk management take on greater importance for modern firms. Donload this new report from Strategic Treasurer to learn more about the current state of the industry.

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Accurate cash forecasting is the lifeblood of any treasury department. All financial decisions, from near-term liquidity to strategic planning, are based on forecasts. However, treasurers continue to struggle creating timely and relevant forecast. Download this new guide from Treasury Strategies.

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In this eBook, Actualize Consulting and Kyriba address the many strategic advantages that an in-house bank provides, the key benefits that range from bank fee savings to increased visibility of corporate-wide FX exposures and enhanced controls, as well as the must-dos and dont's for a successful in-house bank launch.

Considering if an in-house bank is right for your organization? This eBook is right for you!