Selection Criteria

Selecting the Right Technology for Supplier Financing

Choosing the best solution for your business needs is critical to the success of your supply chain finance or dynamic discounting program. When evaluating software and the vendors that support them, we recommend five key requirements:

  1. Expert Teams: Working Capital solutions are as much a service as a platform. Kyriba will help design the right program to meet your KPIs, analyze spend and build your business case.

  2. Multi-Funder Platform: Supply Chain Finance programs require diversification across lenders to deliver the required liquidity to the global supply chain and to support regional specialization.

  3. Program Flexibility: The solution must support both dynamic discounting and supply chain finance, with the flexibility to modify business rules on the fly to meet the KPIs of an organization.

  4. Complete Workflow: A comprehensive program must also include cash visibility, forecasting, payments and pre-built ERP integration.

  5. Supplier Onboarding: To maximize supplier participation, the supplier portal must be easy to understand, in their language of choice, and feature intuitive reporting dashboards.