Kyriba supports enterprise liquidity for energy companies, municipal utilities, IOUs, and member co-ops.

Solving Cash, Liquidity, Payments, and Risk Complexities for Utilities

The operating and regulatory climate surrounding the utilities industry continues to evolve, creating unique challenges for utility finance departments. Complex ownership structures, multi-jurisdictional liquidity, liquidity pooling and intercompany banking requirements, customer/community responsibilities, and new development projects drive the need for automation of operations and control of financial systems.

Kyriba is a suite of industry-leading, award-winning products used by utilities around the world to overcome challenges in bank connectivity, ERP system migration, cash management, liquidity visibility and forecasting, payments, and working capital/supply chain management. Kyriba provides the capabilities that enable modern utility finance teams to refocus their energies on value-added activities.

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Source: Data compiled from surveying more than 200 companies as part of Kyriba's value engineering process.

Kyriba’s dedicated utilities group understands the unique and evolving challenges the industry is facing, including:

  • Intercompany lending and liquidity pooling spread across multiple jurisdictions
  • Carefully managing debt and equity ratios to guarantee statutory compliance
  • Migrating away from in-house systems to the cloud
  • Cyberattacks from multiple types of bad actors
  • Difficulties creating reliable forecasts
  • Tracking details of bank accounts and fees.

As your trusted partner, Kyriba’s capabilities can address all of these concerns, and more.

Kyriba’s treasury and finance value-driven solutions are feature-rich and flexible to solve the utility industry’s challenges both for today and into the future.

Kyriba’s technology helps utilities navigate today’s complex and dynamic operating climate, enabling value-driven decisions that improve operational and strategic business objectives:

Bank & Systems Connectivity – Seamlessly, automatically connect to your relationship banks, eliminating file uploads and manually-generated reports

Cash Visibility & Liquidity Forecasting – Understand all cash-related metrics and levels, increase returns, deploy cash, manage debt, and understand surplus/deficit future positions in real time

Payments – Instantly deliver pre-configured, pre-tested payment files for real-time payments control

Fraud Prevention – Strengthen and automate control over payment releases, identifying potentially fraudulent activity, including unusual patterns, duplicates, first-time vendors, non-PO payments, and vendor/counterparty banking changes

Security, Controls

  • NERC-CIP compliant at all levels (software and infrastructure)
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant
  • ISO27001 certified
  • Redundant disaster recovery
  • Encryption, authentication, and administration
  • Audit trails

Investments, Debt, Risk Management – Manage core and advanced financial transactions for investments, debt, and FX/interest rate transactions for risk management

Reporting, Dashboards – Automated, built-in reports and dashboards for clear, easy-to-use, real-time reporting of cash positions, liquidity monitoring and forecasting, risk management, and management report/KPI automation

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I love Kyriba. It saves us hundreds of hours per month.
Treasurer, Major Transmission Company

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