Kyriba for
Midsize Companies

Relied upon by over 2,500 organizations, Kyriba is an easy-to-use, flexible, and scalable solution for all your cash, banking, payments and liquidity needs.

Our products and solutions delivers cash visibility, payments control, risk and working capital for value across financial processes

Kyriba can help your organization solve core, fundamental cash and financial challenges for operational and transactional efficiency, while also delivering against complex requirements to help you make better strategic decisions.

Kyriba empowers your organization with the select capabilities and features you need now, with extensive, full-featured capacity for your future.

Kyriba’s solutions help your teams execute cash positioning, payments, approvals, and liquidity management tasks more cost effectively, and with more control.

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Kyriba for Midsize Companies

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Our treasury and finance modules are feature-rich and flexible to solve today’s business problems and support your organization in the future

  • Bank Connectivity — connect to your relationship banks and eliminate file uploads and manually-generated reports
  • Cash Visibility & Liquidity Forecasting – understand cash levels, increase returns, deploy cash and help understand surplus or deficit future positions
  • Payments – delivers pre-configured, pre-tested payment files for real-time, payments control
  • Reporting, Dashboards – delivers clear, advanced, easy to use and real-time reporting for cash, forecasting, risk and management report automation
  • Investments, Debt, Risk Management – manage core or advanced financial transactions from investments, debt and fx/interest rate transactions for risk management
  • Security, Controls
    • •  SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant
    • •  ISO27001 certified
    • •  Redundant disaster recovery
    • •  Encryption, authentication and administration
    • •  Audit trails

Realize value quickly, get access to improved cash visibility

Kyriba helps small and midsize companies realize fast value for their organizations with easy-to-use features for complete cash visibility and liquidity, payments, investments and debt and risk management transactions. Kyriba also offers Working Capital and leading discounting and reverse factoring capabilities.

Clock IconConnecting to your banks is easy using our pre-developed configurations, banking connections, and file formats to expedite value from the system. With Kyriba, there is no need for dedicated IT resources reducing the costs and complexity to an easy solution for your team – Kyriba supports you on Day 1.

Our small and midsize customers often have complex needs for specialized processes; Kyriba gives your organization the level of solution flexibility to match your most urgent needs to the module(s) that solve your problems.

Implementing Kyriba gave us the opportunity to improve the relationship with our banks. We all wanted a better experience and the implementation of the treasury management system helped us start the conversation, resulting in a better relationship from a day-to-day banking standpoint. Our banks now understand our requirements and how we operate as a treasury department, which allows us to gain the best experience from their products.
Hilary Heah, Treasury Manager, Kelkoo Group Kelkoo Group Success Story

Kyriba for Midsize Companies Delivers Solutions for Challenges Across Finance

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