Manage Your Risk

The scope of financial risk factors facing the treasury team continues to grow. The impact of a major financial crisis could stretch way beyond the monetary losses, and could have significant repercussions both to its share price and to its reputation. 

By implementing Proactive Treasury Management (PTM), organizations can improve internal processes and effectively manage internal and external risk factors.

Execute risk strategy

For organizations to develop and execute successful risk programs, the treasury team needs to have deep insight into its exposures, along with the technology to model a broad range of scenarios. Combining this deep insight with powerful modeling capabilities enables organizations to execute effective risk strategies and minimize their exposures.

Kyriba enables treasurers to develop and execute effective risk programs, while improving financial controls and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Improve financial control 

Strong internal financial controls are essential for a smooth and secure treasury operation, be it keeping track of an overseas subsidiary’s payments, or simply maintaining audit trails and processes within the team. Kyriba enables treasurers to take charge of the team and set up risk-free processes controls that eliminate the possibility of inadvertent or deliberate losses.

Deliver compliance

Sixty new financial regulations are introduced every day around the globe. To stay compliant, organizations need to not only know about these regulations, but also have the processes and systems in place to manage each of them.

Kyriba’s Treasury Risk Management enables our clients to manage their risk, therefore protecting the organization’s value.