Optimize Your Cash

The number one role of a treasury professional is to maximize the treasury and payment operation. Proactive Treasury Management (PTM) enables treasury teams to:

With PTM, companies will know exactly what cash they have, and where they hold it.

Establish cash certainty

No more “best-guess” forecasts based on questionable data, taken from error-strewn spreadsheets. With PTM, companies will know exactly what cash they have, and where they hold it. Treasury teams can make accurate, long-range cash balance forecasts, confident in the knowledge that their predictions will hold firm.

Learn how Qualcomm uses Kyriba for cash visibility.

Make effective financial decisions 

With full confidence in the cash position and forecast, treasury teams can be decisive in their decision-making. Instead of leaving cash reserves sitting idle in bank accounts, by having detailed knowledge of the organization’s current and future balance, treasury teams have the power to put the organization’s cash to work in the most efficient manner.

Enable payments

Corporates make countless payments each day, often from multiple banks around the country or even globally. Whether it’s ensuring the organization has enough liquidity to make its payments in a timely manner, or setting up a payment factory to streamline processes and minimize banking fees, PTM enables organizations to manage their payments processes in an efficient, worry-free manner.

Kyriba delivers industry leading cash management solutions allowing clients to establish cash certainty, make effective financial decision, and enable cash movement.