Work Your Capital

Treasury has often been viewed as a cost center. With Proactive Treasury Management (PTM) treasury teams can create real financial benefits. When cash is optimized and risk factors are managed effectively, cash can work harder for the organization, delivering significant business value.

Gain strategic insight

With deeper awareness of your cash position and forecast, treasury can provide strategic insight and analysis to make decisions that benefit the organization far beyond treasury. Whether it’s leveraging free cash to develop a supply chain financing program to support an underperforming business unit or analyzing the cash position of a potential acquisition target, PTM enables treasury teams to contribute across the organization.

Accelerate business growth

The market demands consistent growth. However, organizations can’t grow effectively without capital. When treasurers have the confidence to deploy cash reserves in an efficient and strategic manner, they can deliver real and tangible benefits, and help the organization to continue its growth.

Kyriba empowers treasury teams to deliver strategic insight and analysis for decisions that benefit the entire organization.

See how Kyriba enables clients to successfully work their capital:

  • Michael P. Brown, 
    Vice President, Treasury,
    Digital Realty

Maximize financial returns

Treasury need not be a cost center. The insight and analysis that a company can gain through an effective treasury program can provide benefits that stretch far beyond cash management. By working an organization’s capital effectively, treasury provides business value in areas such as:

  • Shared service model
  • Forecasting economic change
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Sales enablement
  • M&A analysis
  • Market expansion
  • Business intelligence
Through improved working capital management , become a more proactive treasury that creates greater business value.