Kyriba's Benefits for Treasury Teams

Treasury management is no longer simply about keeping track of your company’s cash.

Treasury teams need to deliver deep strategic analysis to support major corporate initiatives, and provide value for the organization. Kyriba helps you to deliver treasury best practices:

  • Provide actionable intelligence for financial decision support
  • Streamline treasury processes to enable more strategic input
  • Improve accuracy of cash positions and forecasts

Kyriba makes the everyday operation of your treasury department a streamlined and worry-free process, allowing you to spend less time entering data and worrying about errors, and more time providing strategic analysis.

Kyriba automates a wide range of manual repetitive tasks by automatically importing data from bank portals and ERP solutions, without time and error prone rekeying. Kyriba also provides a single repository for all treasury-related information, including cash balances and transactions, cash forecasts, financial transactions (FX, debt, investment). All of this data is accessed within a single solution, making it easier for you to track, manage and analyze your treasury information, regardless of currency or location. As a SaaS solution, Kyriba also gives you the ability to access your treasury data anywhere you can access the web, and you can even use Kyriba on your iPhone or iPad with the Kyriba Mobile app.

Kyriba makes the everyday operation of your treasury department a streamlined and worry-free process

Kyriba provides robust advanced reporting capabilities, giving you the insight and to make confidence to make strategic recommendations and become a strategic business partner to your organization.

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