Supply Chain Finance

Minimize risk in your supply chain.

For many corporate finance departments, minimizing risk in the supply chain is of critical strategic objective and is imperative to the organization’s overall success. Equally important for leading corporate finance departments is the ability to reduce DSO while extending DPO. Working with their colleagues in corporate finance, strategic treasurers have an influence on the organization’s financial success by optimizing working capital, improving free cash flow and implementing solutions to reduce disruption to the global supply chain.

Research highlights some of the benefits of a supply chain finance program. 

  • 92% of finance executives believe that mitigating risk was a determining factor in implementing a supply chain finance strategy.1
  • 89% of finance executives agree that reducing costs was a determining factor in implementing a supply chain finance strategy.2
  • Supply chain finance can help ease lending constraints for small to mid-tier companies or those with a weaker credit standing.3

What’s the health of your supply chain? Kyriba can help you optimize your supply chain, reducing exposure to financial risk to your supply chain and business, increasing free cash flow and improving your profitability, while strengthening your relationship with your suppliers.

With Kyriba, you can:

  • Strengthen your supply chain. Larger corporates typically have access to lower cost financing than their suppliers. Leveraging Kyriba’s multi-bank supply chain finance solution, corporates can strengthen the relationship between buyers, their banks and suppliers by extending their DPO by offering a lower cost of finance to their suppliers improving free cash flow for the corporation, and reduce the chance of disruptions in the supply chain.
  • Reduce cost as an alternative to low investment returns. Improve supplier relations by settling invoices ahead of standard payment terms at discount superior to leading short-term investment yields. 

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Sources: (1,2) AITE, 2014, (3) ACT, 2010