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Trade Finance Global Names Kyriba as Best Treasury Management Platform

Kyriba Trade Finance Award Best Treasury Platform

Innovation from banks, technology providers and corporates in the trade and receivables space has bolstered global trade despite geopolitical volatility. The 2019 International Trade Finance Awards by Trade Finance Global (TFG), a leading alternative finance and complex funding solution provider for international trade, are given to those who have made outstanding contributions to international trade.

Daniel Shaffer
February 13, 2019

How Should CFOs Leverage Treasury in 2019?

How Should CFOs Leverage Treasury in 2019

As we turn the corner on 2018, most CFOs will be focused on the simultaneous tasks of helping their chief executives to exploit the opportunities that come with a booming economy, while also buffering their organizations from the risk of potential economic deceleration, increased FX and interest rate volatility, and an ever growing regulatory and compliance burden. As a result, CFOs will inevitably expect their treasury functions to provide practical and strategic advice to help with all of these elements.

Alex Wolff
December 27, 2018

Going Beyond Technology When Selecting a Working Capital Partner

Going Beyond Technology When Selecting a Working Capital Partner

Have you been thinking about optimizing your working capital strategies like a vast majority of the financial leaders (82 percent) who attended Kyriba’s recent webinar on “How CFOs Can Lead Working Capital Efficiency”? Are you wondering about the different business use cases for deploying a working capital program, or unsure how you would structure such a program, including which suppliers to target?

Shruti Gupta
December 19, 2018

The Benefits of a Multi-Bank Working Capital Solution

Global banking working capital programs

Companies used to offer working capital or (supply chain finance) programs to their suppliers primarily in conjunction with a single bank. That was great for the bank, of course, because it allowed the bank to set the terms of the working capital program, to tie the company into a close, long-term relationship, and to gain maximum benefit from lending money to the company’s suppliers while only taking on the credit risk associated with the company itself. The company in question would, of course, usually be a multinational, large or mid-market business with a good credit rating.

Moez Habib Thameur
September 27, 2018

CFO Performance Tied to Digital Treasury Transformation

CFO digital treasury transformation

As the “chief growth officers” in an organization, CFOs play a crucial role in steering the enterprise toward profitable growth. Re-thinking the role of treasury in the midst of rapid growth is required to ensure success in the digital era. What separates winners from laggards is a treasury management system that equips treasury with the ability to take a more prominent role in driving both operational efficiency and execution effectiveness across business units.

Dory Malouf
September 4, 2018