Treasury Management

Cash is the lifeblood of every organization. Ensure you have full visibility of your company's most important asset.

Treasury teams are responsible for managing their organization’s most valuable resource, with the fundamental goal of preserving capital, managing company-wide liquidity, and mitigating operational and financial risk. In doing so your treasury team performs a wide variety of tasks from cash flow forecasting, investment management, structuring corporate financing, intercompany liquidity, payment execution, bank account relationship management, financial risk management, all in accordance with rigorous regulatory requirements and ability to produce accurate reporting output  Obstacles exists preventing treasury teams from becoming high-performing teams and obtaining a more strategic role within the overall business. 

Based upon industry surveys some of these painful obstacles include:

  • Organizations’ overall confidence in their forecast accuracy is low: 53% of treasury professionals believe that their forecast has significant variance.1
  • 88% of treasury professionals do not have full visibility into the full range of risk exposures for their organization.2
  • 43% of treasury professionals view the lack of visibility into global cash and short-term liquidity as one of their three biggest risk factors.3
  • 60% of organizations were exposed to actual or attempted payments fraud in 2013.4

How well does your treasury department perform in terms of: complying with regulations, providing clear visibility into liquidity, managing intercompany liquidity, accurate cash flow forecasts, improving interest income and reducing interest expense, and safeguarding against counterparty risks and fraud? How is your treasury function changing from reactive to proactive?

With Kyriba, you can:

  • Automate tasks. Workflow based processes apply treasury best practices, improving productivity and accuracy, and providing greater control over processes. 
  • Improve visibility. Kyriba Connectivity provides you the industry’s best and most flexible options of connecting with your banking partners, automating banking reporting and executing payments.
  • Powerful forecasting capabilities that enable more accurate cash forecasts. Integration with financial systems, automated data integration from third party systems, historical trends and other methods all contribute to developing more accurate forecasts.  And powerful analytics allow comparisons of forecasts to actuals enabling deep analysis of variances to allow for better forecasting practices.
  • Execute payments securely and confidentially. Combination of workflow based approvals, secured connectivity, digital signatures, and proactive monitoring of the multi-bank payment process ensures that all your payments are performed securely and with confidence, minimizing the risk of fraud.
  • Improve compliance. Kyriba provides detailed audit logs and controls compliance policies and powerful reporting that enables organizations to easily comply with regulatory reporting requirements including EMIR, FBAR, and SEPA mandates.

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