Kyriba Client Academy

Expand your proficiency getting some market-recognized certification.

As a client, we understand that your training needs are specific, to the extent that you target various speciality levels.

Using the latest features released, considering the whole module rather than modular functionality and including new use cases and best practices, clients’ training are designed to improve their understanding of Kyriba’s capabilities. Leading learners and their organizations to expand existing workflows and enhance the configuration for an empowered Kyriba experience.

The Kyriba Academy team designed a program specifically focused on optimizing your Kyriba experience by leveraging our internal training and development infrastructure to assist you during your learning journey.

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Kyriba Client Academy Catalog

Kyriba is committed to providing clients with the knowledge, skills and best practices to maximize their Kyriba educational experience. Kyriba Client Academy offers a series of different training courses that allow users the flexibility to customize their own learning journey.

  • Concentrate on creating a deeper understanding of how the system works, rather than only focus on modular functionality.
  • Improve your understanding of Kyriba’s capabilities, allowing you to expand existing workflows and fill in the gaps.
  • Expand your proficiency and enhance your configuration. Even if you are an expert, there is always more to learn to improve your platform.

A Custom Path for Every Need

We have customized our training opportunities to fit your needs, designing four distinct options:

  • New to Treasury: Tailored for those users new to the treasury space who want to increase their basic subject matter knowledge.
  • End-user Training: Consists of teaching end-users how to use the application daily. Specifically customized to ensure daily workflows and processes are completed.
  • Kyriba Certification: This training consists of focusing on technical implementation best practices and configuration. A certification exam is offered at the end of the session.
  • Deep Dives: Focuses on deep analysis of specific topics and workflows.
  • E-Learning: These self-paced programs provide a comprehensive understanding of our complementary modules and can be completed conveniently at any time.
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Flexible Training Options

Kyriba Academy understands our customers need a new approach to developing people. Learners want more personalized, flexible and varied ways to elevate their knowledge and skills. With our customized programs you can do just that. We combine formal and informal learning; you access online resources exactly when you need them, ensuring classroom time with our subject matter experts is well spent.

Our flexible training options include:

  1. In-person trainings in your own premises or in our Kyriba offices
  2. Trainer-led sessions in a virtual setting
  3. Online training options to train at your own pace
  4. Customized curriculums to fit your own team’s needs.

Kyriba Expert Certification

Our expert certification program will help you develop the skills to efficiently administer, enhance, and expand your Kyriba deployment.

Kyriba selects the most advanced trainers and subject matter experts to conduct our in-person or virtual training and certification programs. Our trainers have an average of seven years working with the Kyriba platform and bring real-world experience and anecdotes from when they were professional service consultants collaborating with clients. Kyriba’s training certification empowers you by providing:

  1. Deep knowledge of the Kyriba application and its functionality
  2. Best practices for enhancing your Kyriba implementation experience
  3. A market-recognized certification that can be renewed every two years
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What Happens Next?

Our programs can be tailored to be steppingstones to allow you to continue your learning journey, expanding your knowledge in additional modules of our solution.

Our goal is to provide enough course flexibility so that our Kyriba certified customers continue to expand their learning opportunities and grow their experience with Kyriba.

We constantly update our course offerings to tailor them to fit your needs. As our application offerings grow, so will our training offerings. Stay tuned…

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Questions? We are Here to Help.

Our main priority is to always provide support and immediate attention to any questions or concerns you might have. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything to share.