Fact Sheet

Kyriba Receivables Finance

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The speed with which you as a seller convert receivables into cash is critical for your organization. Accelerate a cash injection into your company with Receivables Finance—Kyriba’s new working capital solution.

Turn Accounts Receivable into Cashflow

Kyriba’s Receivables Finance is natively integrated with all other Kyriba Working Capital solutions, like Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Finance. It enables CFOs to unlock funds tied up in outstanding accounts receivable (AR), converting those assets into cash quickly. Sellers can centralize and simplify all receivables finance programs into one portal, without having to change online funding providers in order to draw down from their credit facilities. This receivable solution allows you to remain in control of the utilization and availability of receivables finance programs, yet obtain the most efficient funding sources for your receivables on a single, funder agnostic platform.

Receivables Finance Flowchart

How Does AR Financing Work?

Kyriba provides companies with greater cash visibility, as well as the capability to finance AR in an easy, fast, and scalable manner via a multi-funders platform. Using APIs, the platform automates connectivity with the seller’s ERP system via certified ERP connectors, providing analytics on AR. The platform allows sellers to sell the receivable automatically to the associate funders and finance automatically or manually selected receivables through a direct connection with a multi-banking approach.

How Does Kyriba Integrate Data?

Kyriba does not aim to substitute any banks or funders into the receivables finance program from a funding perspective. Instead, we facilitate integration of data from your ERP to multiple funders’ backends, making those programs scalable. This approach aggregates all sellers’ programs into one single platform and provides our customers with a single dashboard to help them make better decisions based on their real-time positions.

Full Visibility into Working Capital Management

Kyriba’s dashboards provide you with a bird’s eye view of your Receivables Finance results and performance. Additionally, they can simultaneously provide you with visibility into any other discounting or trade payables programs (Dynamic Discounting, Supply Chain Finance, Confirming, etc.) managed within Kyriba.

Key Features

Kyriba’s Receivables Finance technology supports both pool financing and selective invoice financing programs. Companies can manage the end-to-end journey of the program, including extraction of relevant information, updating the ERP and providing detailed reporting to manage risk.

Receivables Finance Key Features

The following is a breakdown of the key features of Kyriba Receivables Finance:

  • Program set-up: Set-up is quick and painless. Receivables Finance easily adds sellers, funders and debtors, as well as credit limits, payment rules, and pricing profile.
  • Ledger data upload/validation: Using APIs, Receivables Finance connects to the seller’s ERP to upload documents (e.g., invoices, credit notes) and update status in real time.
  • Eligibility check and early payment processing: Receivables Finance can perform eligibility and limit checks prior to processing documents or early payment requests towards the funders. Kyriba completes the workflow by connecting to the funders and retrieving status from the drawdown requests.
  • Payment and reconciliation: Once reconciliation of the collections is completed, Kyriba can automatically settle payments to the funder on due date, based on new ledger data.
  • Dashboards, reports and advices: Receivables Finance features a landing page widget that makes drawdowns, early payment status, collections, limits and other functions readily available. Users can also quickly access reports and receive advice and notifications on demand or automatically, through emails or Kyriba dashboards.

Seamless Integration

Kyriba’s Receivables Finance solution is natively integrated with all other Kyriba Working Capital modules, as well as Kyriba Treasury, Payments, Risk Management and Connectivity. Kyriba’s Working Capital solutions provide you with access to business intelligence and reporting dashboards to drive quick and easy deep analysis of your overall financing programs.