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Kyriba Enterprise is our flagship product and is the most adopted Software-as-a-Service treasury management solution in the global market.  Fully in the cloud, Kyriba Enterprise offers the most breadth of any treasury management solution, solving the cash, treasury, and risk management needs of all sizes of treasury and finance organizations.  Our clients include the largest, blue-chip multi-nationals right through to mid-size enterprises that are just beginning to build out their treasury process.  CFOs and Treasurers rely on Kyriba Enterprise for:

  • Enhanced Visibility - into cash, forecasts, positions and exposures
  • Timeliness and Accuracy
  • Effective Financial Decision Making, including Cash Optimization and Hedging
  • Centralization of Process and Control
  • Improved Productivity
  • Better Reporting
  • Award-Winning Best Practices

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Kyriba Module Overview

Kyriba Module Overview

Kyriba,the global leader in treasury automation, offers a fully web-based cloud solution that delivers optimized decision-making, minimized risks, enhanced control and compliance, and increased operational productivity. 


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We Understand Treasury

Kyriba was designed to meet the new challenges of corporate treasurers in terms of mobility, financial performance, process automation (STP), security, cost reduction, visibility and compliance.


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