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Kyriba APIs

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As the leader in connectivity for treasury and finance systems, Kyriba maximizes the power of APIs to drive liquidity transformation for CFOs and treasurers.

Kyriba’s Open API hub enables treasury, finance and IT teams to transform the way they access and consume information.

What is an API?

APIs allow software applications to exchange data in real-time, eliminating file processing. They also reduce implementation time for system integration, standardize onboarding, and provide instant access to information from internal systems or external partners, like banks.

APIs facilitate an open ecosystem that allows for third-party developers to build applications on top of the API provider’s platform. They expedite the flow of bank data, providing corporate treasury and finance departments with a host of benefits, including:

  • Real-time payments
  • Immediate notification of transaction settlements
  • Fraud detection
  • Extended remittance information
  • Less reliance on credit lines
  • Lower risk of overdrafts
  • Elimination of batch processing
  • Instant confirmation of FX deals
  • ERP and system integrations

Banking APIs

Kyriba connects with over 1,000 global banks using a variety of connection protocols, including APIs, H2H and SWIFT. Banking services supported by APIs include real-time payments, payment status, bank balance updates, bank statements and transaction reporting, and SWIFT gpi payment tracking. Kyriba clients can already access these services using Kyriba’s real-time API connectors to all major banks including Bank of America (CashPro), Barclays, BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, Citi, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Societe Generale, Standard Chartered, US Bank, and Wells Fargo. More banks are added to this list every month.

While API connectivity is transparent to the user, it brings key advantages over a file-based approach, such as immediate response from banks and the ability to receive new data and notifications in real-time.

Kyriba API Connection


Kyriba already connects over 10,000 ERP instances, including pre-developed, real-time API connectors to SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft D365, and many other ERPs. Kyriba’s ERP API connectors provide real-time data flows, including event-based notifications. Kyriba can also push instant updates, like changes in payment status, to your ERP.

Kyriba’s ERP API package delivers:

  • Out-of-the-Box ERP Integrations for Kyriba workflows: These include cash forecasting, payment initiation, payment confirmations, cash and financial instrument accounting, and GL reconciliation
  • ERP Connectivity Wizard: This self-service, context-driven experience allows for the setup of ERP-to-Kyriba connectivity and provisioning for partners and customers via the development portal
  • ERP Package Downloads: Kyriba enables self-service access to ERP-side integration components and documentation
  • Open API for ERPs: Kyriba supports direct-connect API endpoints for additional ERP integrations

Open API Platform

Kyriba’s Open API platform enables treasury, finance, and IT teams to transform the way they access and consume information. While other providers may offer APIs as additional features, Kyriba has taken an API-first approach; we build all functionalities inside the Kyriba platform, making them accessible through Open APIs.

Kyriba has also extended its Open APIs to cover all key workflows required by customers, such as reference data management, payments, liquidity, and supply chain financing to offer full accessibility and a great experience for our customers and development partners.

Kyriba’s Open APIs act as a conduit between disparate teams and systems, allowing for real-time data exchange. Through our platform, antiquated processes like manual logins to bank portals and reliance on Excel spreadsheets are remnants of the past.

API Gateway

Developer Portal and App Marketplace

Kyriba’s Developer Portal allows developers, implementation partners and Kyriba clients to build new applications and use cases. Registration is free of charge with immediate access to the API catalog, documentation, samples, sandbox and more.

The Kyriba Marketplace is a global liquidity network offering apps, data and connectivity solutions to our customers and partners. Apps can be published in the marketplace free of charge.

Kyriba forms partnerships with best- in-class fintech solution providers to innovate and enhance the Kyriba offering with new apps that shorten time to market. The marketplace currently features some of the world’s leading financial institutions, ERP providers, payments solutions and investment management companies.

API-Integrated Workflows

Managing cash and investments should be a tightly connected workflow. Kyriba and ICD have partnered on a fully automated end-to-end workflow that delivers real-time visibility into cash and short-term investments. With this API integration, your system of record will fully capture all aspects of your liquidity position, allowing treasury to manage liquidity, analyze risk and integrate reporting more effectively. Additionally, joint clients can sweep excess bank balances into money market funds in ICD’s portal from their Kyriba dashboard.

For example, MetLife went live with Kyriba in 2020, with a goal of streamlining its heavily manual cash forecasting processes. Kyriba’s APIs enabled the cash management team to pull data whenever needed. This provided the team with more time to analyze the forecast, which in turn improved MetLife’s working capital.

After lowering working capital balances, MetLife needed to invest those funds but also keep them fully liquid. Kyriba’s and ICD’s API connector allows MetLife to sweep excess cash into a wide range of money market funds that provide the highest yield.

APIs Deliver Enterprise Value

Finance leaders looking to transform processes, modernize technology and unlock greater business value need to think about how to incorporate APIs wherever they can to unify data, compose financial systems, and streamline processes to drive greater efficiency. APIs may start with bank connectivity, but their value to the bottom line is much more than that. CFOs who are ready to embrace APIs are extending their thinking well beyond bank connections and embracing the entire opportunity.

«It gives us a win-win solution; we get a large selection of funds and we get API calls to be able to streamline the trade process.”

Tom Lenahan
AVP, Global Cash Management, MetLife