Kyriba Payments Network to Connect to over 1000 Banks – Video

Kyriba Payments Network to Connect to over 1000 Banks – Video

The Kyriba Payments Network helps businesses of all sizes accelerate ERP cloud migration projects and simplify global bank connectivity and format transformation projects. With Kyriba’s Connectivity-as-a-Service, companies can drastically reduce the amount of time and resources needed to complete these projects, allowing businesses to focus on other areas of digital transformation.

The Kyriba Payments Network is a powerful tool for CFOs and their teams, providing them with access to an expansive global banking network and the capability to manage payments across multiple internal systems such as ERP, Payroll, and TMS. With this network, teams have the ability to streamline their financial operations, improving efficiency and reducing the costs and risks associated with manual payment processing.

By consolidating payment activities within one Payments Hub, customers can take advantage of Kyriba’s real-time visibility to their payments through customizable dashboards, which are fully accessible also via the Kyriba Mobile application.

Kyriba also provides a comprehensive suite of payment controls with a strong emphasis on separation of duties.

It offers real-time payments fraud prevention, compliance and anomaly detection, as well as sanctions list payment screening, so your organization can be confident that all payments are compliant and safe from potential fraud. These payment controls are designed to ensure maximum protection, offering organizations the peace of mind that their payments are secure and compliant.

In summary, Kyriba Payments Network enables:

  • Real-time payments tracking across the enterprise with full transaction visibility, including SWIFT gpi compliance
  • Flexibility in banking partners for the most advantageous relationships, cost savings, and enhanced governance
  • Opportunities to create more shared service centers, implementing netting of POBO (Pay-on-Behalf-of) models and execute cross-border payments
  • Managing payment and discounting terms with suppliers and allow payment services, formats, and standards to be fully managed by Kyriba with no internal IT dependency
  • Providing finance teams with real-time data visualization and payment analytics that strengthen payment decisions
  • Access mobile dashboards to allow approvals by remote users
  • Use out-of-the-box connectivity to access all major regional payment networks (including SEPA, ACH, Fedwire, etc.) and real-time payment (RTP) rails

Watch this video to find out more.