Cash Management

The recognized market leader in cash and liquidity management, Kyriba provides CFOs and Treasurers with the visibility and reporting they need to optimize their cash, control bank accounts, manage liquidity, and deliver compliance.

Kyriba drives cash and liquidity visibility, enabling you to better mobilize cash, increase cash returns, reduce interest costs, and improve the effectiveness of hedging programs.

Cash Management and Forecasting


Leveraging Kyriba Connectivity to integrate bank reporting, our clients have their cash positions from every global bank at their fingertips at the start of the day - organized by bank, entity, currency, cash flow category, and transaction status.

Kyriba’s cash forecasting capabilities are unparalleled with extensive options for entry, import, modeling, and measuring the effectiveness of cash forecasts. With Kyriba, clients extend the accuracy and horizon of their cash forecasting - by day, week, month, or year.

Cash Pooling & In-House Banking


Clients can manage notional and physical multi-currency cash pools, tracking cash and non-cash transactions to offer real-time intercompany positions and interest calculations for each participant within the in-house bank or cash pool.



Kyriba offers a full multilateral netting module for simple or complex netting of multi-currency payables and receivables to calculate net positions by netting participant. Clients will gain overall visibility into currency exposures and reduce transaction costs.

Bank Account Management


Kyriba’s Bank Relationship Management enables our clients to improve control over bank accounts, including segregation of duties and audit trails. Kyriba features bank account management (BAM), signatory tracking, FBAR reporting, confirmation letters, and document storage.

Kyriba also includes an integrated bank fee analysis module to calculate monthly fee variances and enable review of bank fee structures across banks.

Accounting and Compliance


Kyriba offers an accounting center which generates journal entries for all bank transactions and payments. Kyriba fully supports all ERP solutions - including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft, and more - for automated integration with the general ledger.

Kyriba also offers accounting reconciliation, delivering bank to book reconciliation for monthly matching of bank actuals with uploaded accounting balances from the general ledger.

Cash and Liquidity Modules:

  • Cash Management
  • Advanced Forecasting
  • Bank Account Management
  • Bank Fee Analysis
  • In-House Banking
  • Netting
  • Cash Accounting
  • GL Reconciliation


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