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We need a bold new path for liquidity.

Liquidity Performance: A modern approach to liquidity requires data that is connected, actionable and forecastable.

CFOs and Treasurers are facing a huge problem.

Alert showing inability to connect to bank, emphasizing liquidity gridlock

It’s called Liquidity Gridlock.

Today’s high-performing financial leaders require full visibility and control over liquidity. Problem is, they haven’t been given the tools they need to succeed. Instead, financial data is siloed across overlapping and disconnected systems. The result? Compromised insights, forecasting and risk management. We call this sad state of affairs Liquidity Gridlock. And we believe financial leaders deserve better.

The Solution? Liquidity Performance.

Kyriba’s Liquidity Performance platform was built to end Liquidity Gridlock by connecting businesses to a single, fluid network of liquidity—integrating banks, ERPs, trading portals, data tools, suppliers, and more.

Once connected, financial leaders are empowered to protect, forecast, and optimize liquidity to continuously improve their position.

Steps to connect, protect, forecast, and optimize liquidity for financial growth.

Connect your

Unify global banking data, ERP systems, and financial analytics into a single, centralized liquidity hub—so you can see everything at once and adapt in real-time.

Protect liquidity.

Understand exposures, instantly, so you can mitigate financial risk and reduce the impact of currencies, interest rates or payments fraud—building resilience even in times of crisis.

Forecast with

Predict liquidity weeks, months, and years in the future by modeling cash flow and liquidity plans against financial indicators, what-if scenarios or proposed acquisitions.

Optimize for

Make confident, data-driven liquidity decisions to effectively manage netting, pooling, financing and hedging—to maximize financial resources and reduce cost.
“With Kyriba, we achieved 100% cash visibility, unlocked $9B in investment capital, and reduced working capital 90%.”
— David Deranek, HCSC Read the success story