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Is In-House Banking Right for Your Organization?

In this eBook, Actualize Consulting and Kyriba address the many strategic advantages that an in-house bank provides, the key benefits that range from bank fee savings to increased visibility of corporate-wide FX exposures and enhanced controls, as well as the must-dos and dont's for a successful in-house bank launch.

Considering if an in-house bank is right for your organization? This eBook is right for you!

7 Competitive Advantages of a Modern Treasurer

The modern treasurer now manages an expanded risk profile with increasingly technical compliance challenges and increasingly sophisticated instances of cyber-crime. Meanwhile, strategic cash management, optimizing working capital and centralizing payments among others remain top priorities.

Implementation Success Guide: How to Maximize Your Implementation Experience with Kyriba

Knowing what to expect is key to any successful implementation. At Kyriba, we’ve created the best-in-class team and implementation framework – enabling you to transition smoothly to your new system, with less stress and more efficiency.

AFP Tip Guide Business Continuity Cover

Securing bank connectivity has never been more important as reported fraud attempts focused on infiltrating payment workflows and stealing banking information are on the rise. Thankfully, in the case of bank connectivity, implementing better security protocols to reduce the threat of fraud and cybercrime is very achievable.  

Find out the steps you can take to prevent fraud in your organization in this eBook that outlines the types of fraud threats that treasurers need to look out for. Learn how your organization can use Kyriba to prevent internal and external fraud.

Supply Chain Finance report by Ardent

This research report, produced by Ardent Partners and underwritten by Kyriba, details the true value of supply chain finance (SCF), covers the opportunities SCF programs can bring, as well as provides a framework for enterprises seeking to leverage this financial solution.

SCF Guide 2016 cover image

Global Business Intelligence’s 2016 edition of its Supply Chain Finance report provides insights for CFOs, CPOs, treasurers, procurement officers, and finance professionals who are seeking a better solution to optimize their working capital shortfall and limit supply chain disruptions.

ACT_2016_report cover image

Kyriba and the UK's Association of Corporate Treasurers conducted their third annual survey in early 2016 into corporate treasury community's concerns, challenges and priorities. Download the report to learn more about how treasurers are responding to and embracing these challenges, and some of the factors that are driving success.

T&R report: Making Strides with the Help of Technology

Treasury management solutions, especially cloud solutions, enable treasurers to provide a higher level of risk management, including disaster recovery and business continuity planning; strategic cash forecasting, and improved currency exposure management. Find out more in this report the benefits of a TMS, beyond the basics of time savings and productivity.

Cover image: AFP TIP Guide: Business Continuity Planning

Treasury is a critical operation within any organization. With Business Continuity Planning, Treasury has yet another opportunity to demonstrate their leadership by ensuring BCP is a core component of treasury’s risk management plan.

Cover image: Ebook: Kyriba - The CFO’s Toolkit
Risk mitigation and regulatory compliance are two of every CFO’s most pressing concerns. Download this ebook to see how a treasury management solution can limit your organization’s exposure to risk and noncompliance.
Cover image: Making the business case for supply chain finance
This ebook outlines some of the key issues for organizations who may be considering implementing supply chain finance, or are simply looking for details of how a supply chain finance program could benefit their organization.
Kyriba: Your Trusted Global Partner cover image
Find out the key reasons why Kyriba’s SaaS treasury management system is the most-used solution for cash and risk management, trusted by more than 1,500 of the world’s largest and most respected organizations.
Five Questions CFOs Should Ask Themselves to Maximize Growth - cover image
In an environment of regulatory change, globalization, market volatility and emerging business and financial risks, the role of the finance function, and the demands on financial leadership, continue to evolve. This ebook outlines some of the key questions that CFOs need to ask, in order to position their organization for maximum growth.
Ebook: Four Steps to 100% Global Cash Visibility cover image

Lack of visibility over cash balances and risk exposures is cited year after year in industry surveys as treasurers’ top priority and biggest challenge. This ebook outlines straightforward steps that corporate treasurers can take to achieve 100% visibility on global cash balances.

saaS and Cloud: Beware of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing cover image

With the growth of SaaS solutions in treasury, it seems that everyone is clamoring to be “in the cloud,” but not all solutions are the same. This guide helps you clear up the vocabulary and help you understand why the distinction matters. There are many software providers in the treasury software industry masquerading as true SaaS vendors, so it is important to help you find the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In the wake of Basel III and a highly volatile FX market, effective cash forecasting has become even more critical for treasurers. Read valuable insight from a number of treasury and banking veterans into how organizations can optimize their cash forecasting process, and drive meaningful business value.
eBook cover image "Perfecting the Cash Forecast: Adding Business Value to the Organization"
Cash forecasting is an art that is rarely perfected. However, when done correctly, it can add huge value across the organization. Download this ebook to find out how you can make treasury a strategic partner to the entire organization though effective cash forecasting.
The Business Case for a Payment Hub

This eBook will explain the benefits of implementing a payment hub, shared services, or a combination of the two, as well as solutions to improve workflow processes and mitigate payment fraud, which is the most dangerous threat to a treasurer’s reputation and career. Every day, new stories emerge about hackers successfully stealing from corporates through sophisticated social engineering techniques that specifically prey upon exposures in payment workflows.

eBook: Building the Business Case for a Treasury Management Solution
Corporate treasury departments understand when the time is right to implement a treasury management solution (TMS). After all, experts and analysts agree that a TMS provides significant benefits by improving overall efficiency, time savings and control. This ebook outlines some of the key areas where a TMS can provide significant business benefits, as well as real-world examples of the value that a TMS can deliver.
Six Questions Every Treasurer Should Ask about Their Cash Forecasting Process
Consistent accurate cash flow forecasting is arguably the holy grail of corporate treasury. Learn what six questions you need to ask yourself before you embark on your forecasting initiative, in order to make it as reliable and beneficial as possible.
Treasury & Risk eBAM special report

Hear from experts at Kyriba and e5 Solutions how to prepare your organization for eBAM. This special report, developed by Treasury & Risk magazine, contains a number of features and essays from thought leaders in the industry, on topics ranging from the true value that eBAM will deliver to corporates, to innovations in payments and how this could impact businesses.

Taking Treasury from Reactice to Proactive

Treasury departments around the world have been given the mandate of delivering real business value across the organization. The first step toward achieving this is to transform the treasury function from reactive and transaction-oriented to proactive and strategic in nature.

Renowned experts from across the Big Four, banks, analysts, treasury consultancies and a broad range of global organizations offer insight on a wide of topics essential to the modern treasury and finance leader.

eBook: Six Ways to Prevent Financial Fraud with Kyriba

This ebook shows how Kyriba's SaaS treasury management system can help your company become more secure in the war on fraud.

2015 survey front cover
Kyriba and the UK's Association of Corporate Treasurers conducted their second annual survey in early 2015 into treasury teams' use of technology, as well as their productivity and to what extent they play an operational or a strategic role in their companies. Download the report if you are interested in learning more about how your treasury team measures up against the peers.
Treasury & Risk March 2015 cover
This special report, developed by Treasury & Risk magazine, contains a number of features and essays from thought leaders in the industry, on topics ranging from reducing the cash conversion cycle, to receivables management and the impact of regulatory chance on liquidity management.
Best Practices in International Cash Management - cover image
Learn how your team can optimize cash management processes for all markets, while ensuring the smooth running of treasury operations and complying with local regulations.
Best Practice Guide on Achieving Maximum Cash Visibility
Learn how you can improve your organization's cash visibility in order to make more informed, strategic decisions for deploying corporate cash.
Short term cash forecasting - best practices and pitfalls to avoid
A reality that pervades the treasurer’s office in multinational and domestic corporations alike is that reliable cash forecasting, even in the short term, is extremely difficult to achieve in practice. 
Accurate cash forecasting always ranks highly among corporate treasurers’ priorities, but few treasurers can attain the high levels of cash visibility and usage that will be achieved when a truly effective short term forecasting solution is in place.

Kyriba / ACT 2014 Survey: Strategy, Technology and Proactive Treasury Management

Kyriba and the UK's Association of Corporate Treasurers conducted a survey in early 2014 into treasury teams' use of technology, strategic input into the business and key issues that they face. The report provides detailed data on technology use, strategic input and productivity of companies with revenues from under £100 million to over £10 billion.

Companies ranging from Target to J.P. Morgan have recently been impacted by corporate financial fraud, and it remains a serious issue. By failing to implement effective technology and processes, many organizations continue to leave themselves to both internal and external threats. This white paper outlines some of the key issues facing treasury teams, and offers advice on how they can reduce their exposure to financial fraud, through technology and process improvements.


Changing technology, growing global commerce and new monetary policies are requiring corporations to rethink or re-imagine the role of treasury in a post-recession world, as well as what tools will power this function. ​ This white paper, developed exclusively for Kyriba by analyst and ZDNet contributor Brian Sommer, ​outlines  how new technology and approaches can help treasury teams navigate the new economy.

Payment Centralization - Benefits of Payment Factories

The increase in global trade and government regulations, combined with improved technology processes, is behind a push for organizations to deploy centralized financial solutions. In particular, forward-thinking financial departments, which have already implemented treasury management systems in order to gain global cash visibility and optimize liquidity, are now focusing on payments and debits.

Cover image: Best Practices in Cash Management
Is your finance team adhering to best practices in cash management? Find out in this easily-digestible white paper, Best Practices in Cash Management, what are several of the key elements of cash management, and how they can be implemented to make your program as efficient as possible, while minimizing risk and maximizing returns.
Aite Group White Paper cover image

Supply chain finance can provide huge benefits across the supply chain. For vendors, it enables them to have rapid access to cash. For purchasers, it enables them to generate high, risk-free rates of return on their corporate cash. This white paper, developed by Aite Group and available exclusively from Kyriba highlights the key features and benefits of a supply chain finance program and shows why the integration between treasury management system (TMS) technology and SCF solutions is becoming a necessity.

Cover image: Using Technology to Drive Strategic Treasury

Kyriba and the UK's Association of Corporate Treasurers conducted a survey into treasury teams' use of technology, as well as their productivity and to what extent they play an operational or a strategic role in their companies. The report provides detailed data on technology use, strategic input and productivity of companies with revenues from under £100 million to over £10 billion.

Aberdeen Report Kyriba cover

Aberdeen Group conducted a survey of treasurers and c-level executives in early 2013 to identify top market pressures and critical market risks, as well as companies' level of exposure to risk. This valuable report, available exclusively from Kyriba, uncovers those market drivers, strategies and capabilities that companies have in place to manage financial risk. Get insight into the top technologies in play today, and receive recommendations for building a robust treasury and risk management function.

The Treasury Mandate White Paper cover

The role of the treasury team has moved far beyond cash management. Organizations now look to treasury to provide detailed financial and economic analysis, and offer deep strategic insight. Treasury can no longer be just a functional role, and now needs to be a strategic partner, supporting multiple business units throughout the organization. 

Download our white paper and find out how your treasury team can deliver significant business value to the organization, including:

Supply Chain Finance Guide cover image

The Global Business Intelligence Guide on Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Solutions defines buyer centric and seller centric programs, addressing myriad of issues around SCF programs, such as the cost of credit and credit availability, the impact of Basel III on Trade Credit, and more. Among other topics highlighted, the authors discuss issues Corporations need to foresee and address in order to ensure their Supply Chains are not disrupted due to the lack of credit availability. The Guide also profiles the leading global supply chain finance providers.

Global Treasury Guide cover image

Treasury is facing increased pressure to support global business as companies look for growth outside the US and Europe. This CTC Guide on Global Treasury Structures, produced by AFP and underwritten by Kyriba, explores how treasury is restructuring its operations, deploying technology and altering its skill mix in order to provide the business with the liquidity, risk management and decision-making support it requires to succeed internationally.

Kyriba has subject matter experts across the field of corporate treasury management, risk management and supply chain finance.  Please contact us at treasury@kyriba.com to discuss any opportunity for potential thought leadership partnerships.