Kyriba & Oracle Partnership

Connect and integrate with NetSuite ERP and Oracle Cloud to harness the power of both organizations.

Out-of-the-Box Bank Connectivity

Kyriba provides over 2,500 clients with out-of-the-box bank connectivity.

Oracle Build Partner

Kyriba uses NetSuite Web Services APIs to give confidence to Oracle customers that together we can deliver successful outcomes. Kyriba’s certified Oracle NetSuite partnership is a natural evolution of the longstanding relationship between two technology leaders, connecting Oracle’s NetSuite ERP solution with Kyriba’s Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) to harness the power of both organizations.

Unparalleled Connectivity & Integration

The cloud-based nature of both technologies means businesses can also leverage Oracle’s NetSuite Cloud Platform to simplify the secure connection of third-party software and provide ready access to Kyriba’s proven and unparalleled bank connectivity network.
Kyriba’s certified Oracle partnership connects Oracle’s ERP solution with Kyriba’s Connectivity-as-a-Service:
  • Automated bank connectivity
  • Cash management and forecasting
  • True bank-to-book reconciliation
  • Robust reporting
  • 40,000
    Bank payment testing scenarios
  • 800
    Bank format variations
  • 1,000
    Global banks connected
  • 11,000
    Institutions reached via SWIFT
  • Protect Against Payments Fraud

    Kyriba standardizes payment controls to comply with internal payment policies so that only authorized payments are executed.

  • Reduce Cost and Time to Market

    Integrated global bank connectivity delivers out-of-the-box connectivity, including APIs and SWIFTNet.

    Connectivity as a Service with bolt-on bank connectivity for ERPs to 1,000+ banks reducing your ERP migration time by 80%+

  • Innovation and Intelligence

    Business intelligence provides finance with real-time data visualization and payment analytics to optimize payment decisions.

  • Standardization Transformation

    Digital audit trails and system documented controls ensure payment workflows are standardized with visibility and control.

Learn how Kyriba and Oracle’s Partnership unleashes the power of Liquidity Management.