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Tools to Optimize Cash Management

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Through analysis of cash positions, foreign exchange risk and counterparty risk, powerful tools now help CFOs effectively perform their duties.

A company's performance is often summed up by its capacity to produce, sell and innovate, and its ability to attract and motivate talent. The effectiveness of its finance policy is highlighted less frequently, as if it played only a minor role in the company's success. In fact, the situation is quite different. Financial departments are constantly seeking tools and solutions to help them optimize their cash management, allowing them to become more efficient in an increasingly competitive environment.

Daniel Shaffer
February 8, 2017

The CFO-CPO Collaboration Opportunity with Cash Management

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Cash management is a critically-important piece of the corporate puzzle. For the continued health of the average business, maximizing cash on hand has become a top priority, forcing organizations to seek new strategies and solutions that support this need. Our recent research report, Understanding the Real Value of Supply Chain Finance, details the opportunities inherent in supply chain finance programs and provides a framework for enterprises seeking to leverage this financial solution.

Andrew Bartolini
November 30, 2016

Global Treasury Management: Best Recent Seven Articles about Strategy

Global strategy treasury management Kyriba

Kyriba selected seven of the best recent articles that demonstrate how treasury professionals can be more strategic in their thinking, often with the help of effective policies, payments workflows, and technology. To save you some time sorting through the abyss of information, Kyriba selected these treasury management articles which provide beneficial insights to treasury, cash and risk management professionals world-wide.

Daniel Shaffer
November 11, 2016

How to speed up free cash flow in a sluggish economy

How to speed up free cash flow in a sluggish economy

Organizations large and small are impacted by what has been reported as a sluggish global economy, and for many industries this deceleration in growth has investors concerned about their rate of expansion. The combination of weak to moderate growth and demanding investors raises the immediate need for action by global leaders, and puts supply chain at the forefront of the conversation.

Larissa Svabova
June 20, 2016

Supply Chain Finance programs aren’t only about the numbers

Supply Chain Finance programs aren’t only about the numbers

Some say with 10,000 hours of dedication to a subject you become a master, but though I have twice that, Supply Chain Finance program development continues to provide interesting and fun challenges to solve. For the past decade, I have implemented more than 50 SCF programs, and no two were alike: some were very successful programs; a few were less successful programs; but also, quite a few were disappointing– where the working capital gains realized were only a fraction of the real potential of the programs. Sadly, I have also witnessed completely failed SCF initiatives.  

Larissa Svabova
May 12, 2016

FX: Managing uncertainty in 2016

The start of 2016 has already seen a considerable amount of volatility in the currency markets. As we closed out 2015 we saw spikes in volatility following the European Central Bank’s (ECB) continuation with quantitative easing (QE), and the Federal Reserve’s decision to tighten its policy with the first US interest rate increase in over nine years.

Thomas Gavaghan
January 22, 2016