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Activate and protect enterprise-wide liquidity in ways never before possible.

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What is Active Liquidity?

CFOs have a tough balancing act: how to pursue strategic growth initiatives, while minding the right level of risk.

The answer lies in Active Liquidity. It’s a strategic approach to treasury and finance that elevates the impact of liquidity to generate new value — even in volatile markets.

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Expand the abilities of treasury and finance, using liquidity as a lever to build value.



Extend visibility and controls to see more, protect better and take action to create value.



Transform data into intelligence and drive action to maximize enterprise value.

The Value of Active Liquidity

How can CFOs and treasurers fund growth initiatives while managing risk, especially in uncertain times? Watch this short, animated video to understand how an Active Liquidity strategy can drive transformative results.

Kyriba is empowering my digital transformation at work, particularly because we are now real-time – we were never able to do that before. It’s literally at the click of a button.
Lora Bartolome Senior Director, Corporate Finance & Accounting at AEG

The Kyriba Active Liquidity Network

The Active Liquidity Network connects systems, applications and data that expands an organization's capability to improve financial performance. The network unifies best-in-class treasury, risk management, payments and working capital applications with external partners, like banks, market data providers, trading platforms and third-party applications.

APIs and connectivity services bind the network entities, both within the corporation and with external business partners, enabling highly efficient straight-through processing. This expansive connectivity with banks, ERPs, trading platforms and other systems enhances visibility into cash, liquidity and financial exposures.


The network utilizes data and intelligence for optimal decision support. Artificial intelligence and other technologies underpin the platform, and business intelligence capabilities deliver data visualization and actionable insights for improved decision making.

A unified set of powerful products make up the Active Liquidity Network. With applications that span treasury, risk, payments and working capital, organizations can better execute strategies to mobilize, grow and protect value.

Embedded Capabilities



Kyriba provides comprehensive data security, protecting users from fraud and cybercrime, with the assurance of SOC1 and SOC2 Type II audit certification.


Bank Connectivity

Seamlessly connect to thousands of banks worldwide, as well as trading platforms, ERP applications and market information systems.


Business Intelligence

Visibility into cash, risk and liquidity has never been easier. BI-enabled data visualizations provide insights and decision support across the Active Liquidity Network.



Reduce time and costs associated with on-premise applications. Kyriba’s SaaS model is always up to date, always ready to go, and delivers superior ROI.


Active Liquidity by the Numbers

After years of global economic expansion, many experts are forecasting uncertain times ahead. With Kyriba, treasury and finance leaders are in an advantageous position. They can see everything when it comes to their global cash, liquidity and risk exposures; and they can execute their strategies more easily and efficiently.

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Visibility into global cash and liquidity
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Increase in global productivity via cloud automation
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Maximum impact of FX volatility on EPS
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Average reduction in idle cash
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Increase in ability to work with other teams on strategic initiatives


Activating Liquidity: A Success Story

Learn how HCSC, the nation’s fourth largest health insurer with revenue of $62 billion, was able to use Kyriba to activate its liquidity to the tune of $140 million in long-term investments and gain a 5 percent boost in short-term investments while reducing working capital holdings by almost $4 billion. In addition, treasury leaders gained enough time to consult on 150 additional business projects in one year.

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