Global Payments Trends 2019

By Kyriba

The landscape of global payments is evolving as concerns of fraud and the desire for more efficient processes increase. To give insight into how treasury organizations are thinking about the future of payments, Kyriba commissioned Strategic Treasurer to survey more than 300 organizations to gain a more comprehensive view of the global payments environment. The below infographic visually outlines some of the findings.

Additionally, in keeping up with the challenges and opportunities that global payments present, Kyriba VP of Strategy, Bob Stark, joined The Treasury Update podcast to discuss critical factors that are driving significant payment changes on a global scale, as well as to outline the key findings of the 2019 Global Payments survey.

Infographic: Global Payments Trends 2019

To learn more, download the full report. And for an even deeper dive, watch the Global Payments 2019 Survey Results webinar to gain a better understanding of the drivers, attitudes and perceptions of new payment initiatives across the globe.