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Kyriba Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

By Kyriba

Kyriba is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month 2022. The month, which runs from September 15 to October 15, recognizes the contributions of the more than 60 million Hispanic Americans, Latinos, Latinas, and Latinx-identifying people in the United States. Earlier this year, the National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers (NCHEPM) announced this year’s theme—Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation. NCHEPM members, associates and partners selected this theme because it encourages the inclusion and representation of all voices in the mission to build stronger communities and a stronger nation.

We spoke with some of Kyriba’s employees to discuss what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them. They also shared their thoughts on how Kyriba supports the Hispanic and Latinx community.

Axel Canale, Managing Director for LATAM

Axel Canale, Managing Director for LATAM

Working for Kyriba is a great opportunity to collaborate with financial executives to improve the way they work. The opportunity for me to collaborate with a very innovative yet familiar company to expand the business in the Latin America region has been both challenging and satisfying. It is like having your own franchise but with the support of an agile organization. A lot of my experience has been in big tech companies, but the opportunity to work for Kyriba in a high-growth mode with a thin and agile organization is very gratifying personally and professionally. I think this is a very important step in my career that has complemented a very important angle in me as a professional. I think the creativity and energy that we have as Latino people, combined with the innovation and collaboration of a company like Kyriba, is the perfect match to achieve great things and leave a legacy of great milestones for our company and to our customers.

Marcos Meza, Treasury & Finance Business Development Representative, LATAM

Joshua Garcia, Treasury Tech Solutions Engineer

Being a part of the Kyriba family has been an incredible experience. My two-year anniversary with Kyriba is approaching and as I reflect on my time spent with this fantastic organization, I can’t help but focus on the international presence our company commands.

Growing up Latino in the United States, you often don’t think you will use your Spanish in a professional setting. However, Kyriba has allowed me to be a part of a team that heavily embraces multiculturalism. No matter the language or location, Kyriba’s goal remains the same—to help finance leaders manage their enterprise cash and liquidity.

Being the very first business development representative for the LATAM region presented some challenges in the beginning. The cultural differences disallowed me to execute strategic plans that my colleagues in other parts of the world were implementing. However, the countless resources the LATAM team, along with BDR management, have provided me with have made my experience at Kyriba successful and pleasurable. I look forward to many more years within the Kyriba family. Viva Kyriba!

Joshua Garcia, Treasury Tech Solutions Engineer

Joshua Garcia, Treasury Tech Solutions Engineer

Being Latino in the United States, I have always appreciated multicultural environments for their inherent richness of perspective, as well as for their inclusivity. Working at Kyriba, I can truly say that diversity and inclusion are part of our company’s DNA. We build and deliver a product designed to be the meeting place between numerous sources of information, regardless of language, nationality or format. This diversity is mirrored within our teams. As a member of the LATAM sales group, I routinely get the opportunity to work with teammates in Mexico, Miami, Argentina, Spain, and beyond. Far from mere tokenism, Kyriba’s product strength and meteoric growth are evidence of advantages provided by having diverse teams.

Beatriz Saldivar, Global Payments & Treasury Advisor

Beatriz Saldivar, Global Payments & Treasury Advisor

Technology is an enabler; it creates efficiencies and opportunities to de-risk and transform organizations! I’m honored to be part of Kyriba. I see firsthand how Kyriba adds value to clients (treasurers), banks and partners with our amazing technology. Being Hispanic-Latino, I proudly support Kyriba’s LATAM team, while embracing the beautiful Spanish language and various accents, as well as supporting my colleagues in North America. It is great to be collaborating in an environment that promotes diversity, ideas, growth, and welcomes different languages and cultures. Embracing who you are is so wonderful!

I have had the opportunity to bring to the forefront important conversations and initiatives such as advancing real-time payments, and the importance of the role of corporate treasurers in adopting these payments. The opportunity to engage with treasurers and share the value of how they can reshape their business model and use cases is invaluable.

Over the past eight years, I have been a part of the great payment industry advancing real-time, instant and faster payments, working with the U.S. Faster Payments Council and helping the Federal Reserve’s with its upcoming FedNow service. Kyriba has allowed me to have those everyday conversations with the corporate treasures and bankers as we enable their journey to streamline their complexities around bank connectivity, payments, fraud, ERP integration, and/or upgrading to the cloud. Creating visibility that adds value to their organization is what I love the most. I have the privilege to work with incredible colleagues from LATAM, North America and the world, which are very talented and work together with respect! Treasury, payments, fraud, and bank connectivity are my fintech language. Mil gracias Kyriba!

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15. More information is available on the NCHEPM website.

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