The Kyriba Open API Platform: Leading Finance Innovation for Payments & Beyond

By Kyriba

Newly Announced Developer Portal Streamlines Application Development and Access to Thousands of Global Corporates and Banks

Kyriba, a global leader in cloud-based finance and IT solutions has announced the launch of its Open API Platform to accelerate the next generation of finance innovation and enable composable, adaptable and resilient technology solutions for CFOs, Treasurers and IT professionals. Kyriba is also announcing the launch of its developer portal to streamline the creation of new applications for Kyriba’s network comprising of 65 thousand corporate and financial institution users.

A Direct Connection, and Faster

Kyriba’s newly launched developer portal directly connects FinTech developers to thousands of Kyriba’s global corporate clients and banks who have embedded Kyriba solutions into their treasury systems, payments solutions, and ERP platforms. Kyriba’s mature and trusted network connects to over 1,000 banks, manages over a million bank accounts, and processes over $1 trillion in monthly payments volume. The Kyriba Developer Portal streamlines the ideation and go to market for FinTech developers seeking new markets for CFO, payments, and treasury focused apps.

Open APIs for Composable Finance Systems

APIs are transforming the way Finance and IT compose, access, and consume information. API connectors integrate internal and external systems including artificial intelligence, blockchain, and data-streaming services to deliver the next generation of real-time monitoring, compliance, and analytical tools for CFOs and CIOs. According to Gartner research, close to 50 percent of financial leaders will incorporate a “composable financial management system” [1] by 2024, to deliver capabilities and outcomes that keep up with the rapid pace of business change. Kyriba’s Open API Platform accelerates innovation for CFOs and CIOs, eliminating the need for internal IT teams to deliver a patchwork of custom interfaces and RPA bots to satisfy the growing need for hyper-automation.

Real-time Capabilities for all of Finance Systems

API Platform enables Kyriba clients and our network of development partners to connect data, real-time processes and deliver composable technology solutions. Composable systems incorporate modular applications for nimble systems readiness in response to ever-changing and evolving business strategy. Now, the long-planned, long implementation cycles synonymous with ERPs and even many SaaS platforms is reduced substantially. Projects can introduce new strategic decisions to meet business objectives as quick-hitting, short implementation windows for quick-strike, targeted capabilities. Once the applications are live, the live payments, liquidity reporting, financial transactions are processed in true real-time without the legacy batch or processing schedules. True Enterprise Connectivity, for Treasury and Liquidity management is delivered through API integration for a multitude of applications across more than banks and for the benefit of more than just corporates as these capabilities help financial institutions, special-purpose services providers, and other installed special purpose apps.

Extensive Coverage for Financial Services and Corporates

As the leader in connectivity in treasury and finance, Kyriba understands how to maximize the power of APIs to help finance leaders drive digital transformation and more informed decision-making.

Kyriba connects with over 1,000 global banks every day on behalf of our 2,500+ clients using a variety of connection protocols, including APIs. Kyriba connects to banks that support APIs, alongside other connection methods like FTP and SWIFT. Banking services available via API vary by bank, but can include real-time payments, domestic payments, cross-border payments, bank balance and transaction reporting, and SWIFT gpi payment tracking. While API connectivity is transparent to the user, it brings key advantages over a file-based approach, such as immediate response from banks, and the ability to receive new data and notifications in real-time.

For more information about Kyriba Open API, see Kyriba Developer Portal.

[1] Gartner Identifies the Top Technology Trends That CFOs Should Address Today