Liquidity Management for the Modern Treasurer

By Andy Gage
SVP, Kyriba FX Risk & Advisory

Rapid increases in inflation and market volatility have made liquidity management a top priority, placing the treasurer in a mission-critical role. Managing cash, risk and working capital have come to the forefront in 2022.

Managing Liquidity Today

If the last five years have taught us anything about the changing nature and importance of the treasurer’s role, having the right data, at the right time, in an insightful and actionable form are no longer “nice to haves”. These are critical requirements.

The view that the treasurer and their team are a cost center that must constantly “do more with less,” must evolve in this new dynamic era. This legacy mindset has often forced treasurers to make sub-optimal choices on leveraging modern treasury and risk technology, creating cobbled together manual processes and disparate point solutions. The resulting functional, technical and data silos within the treasury organization lead to sub-optimal cash management, risk management and working capital decisions supported by process inefficiencies and poor utilization of highly skilled treasury and finance professionals.

The increased digitization of business demands CFOs and their treasury teams keep pace with the need for timely, accurate and comprehensive real-time information and decision-making capabilities. While the quantity of data can be overwhelming – most finance teams manage 10 times the data they did only five years ago – APIs unify data across the organization, updating liquidity management platforms in real-time. Leveraging this insight helps treasury organizations evolve to preserve corporate value and drive growth.

Continuous Innovation

Kyriba has long understood these evolving market dynamics and has significantly invested in delivering a comprehensive enterprise liquidity platform that supports complete treasury functionality, working capital optimization, payment factories, and the world’s largest bank connectivity network, alongside end-to-end FX, commodity and interest rate risk management.

Kyriba's Product Diagram

When these leading capabilities are connected with a secure, real-time API network, finance is unlimited in its ability to drive savings and value for the larger organization. This allows treasury to move away from being viewed as a cost center and progress towards becoming a value-driven profit center.

Take the Next Step

Kyriba will help you realize the lowest total cost of ownership, integrate real-time data and processes and improve business outcomes for managing liquidity, FX and working capital. Our platform empowers CFOs, treasurers and treasury managers with immediate insight into emerging trends and opportunities that they can act on in real time. Reach out to us and learn more about enterprise liquidity management, risk reduction and improving the effectiveness of your treasury team.