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Accelerating Your Investment Management Workflow

By Kyriba

APIs create more value for finance and treasury through expanded coverage of essential functions and processes beyond connectivity and payments. Cash positioning, liquidity forecasting, trading, and risk management are becoming readily available and are creating more value operationally and strategically. CFOs and Treasurers willing to move away from older, antiquated methods of integration and embrace secure, fast, easier technology impact not only finance, but the entire enterprise.

Treasury Calls for Automation

Treasury functions spend far too much time and effort in cash positioning, concentrating/repatriating cash and eventually investing surplus liquidity. Investment workflows must take advantage of available API-driven technology and transform functions and processes into automated, secure, real-time and reliable capabilities.

Treasurers are now driving more automation and optimization for their teams via using APIs to connect their investment function to investment portals and managers. APIs drive the collection and recording of fund information, comparing investment options and automating the entry of trades saving time and increasing productivity for treasury and finance.

The Multi-bank Challenge for Treasury

Cash positioning and investing can be very onerous and prone to human error when manual or when dealing with various counterparties/investment options. Logging into various platforms to create separate trade tickets and printing or transmitting those trade details for approval or validation creates a manual, laborious scenario. From trade initiation, confirmation, settlement and tracking treasury’s job is more difficult and time consuming under these conditions.

Treasury functions with multiple banking platforms, varied financial institutions or multiple investment vehicles creates time-consuming, lengthy efforts for getting funds invested accurately and efficiently. Coupled with the up-front activities of identifying and consolidating cash positions, comparing investment options, governance activities, verifying settlements and reporting, treasury expends hours out of the day to get surplus cash invested.

APIs Drive Efficiency for Financial Transactions

With current operating conditions improving investment returns, limited staff time, and a focus on strategic decision-making, APIs now automate and optimize investment workflows; “As interest rates continue to rise, our clients demand more efficient and impactful investing options and advanced analytics in real-time as well as automated sweeps and additional services,” said Félix Grévy, Head of Connectivity and Open APIs at Kyriba.

APIs help drive efficiency in the workflow for finance operations. In short, they automate the touchpoints between treasury management systems, investment portals and banks. For instance, ICD and Kyriba have deeply integrated their market-leading technologies for a fully automated, API end-to-end treasury workflow. From single sign-on access to end-of-day sweeps, managing cash and investments is now easy and seamless. With API-integrated workflows available now, your TMS can now capture and deliver reporting of your organization’s liquidity positions, research, select, invest, analyze, and report on their short-term investments or other financial transactions, all in one place.

APIs Drive Comprehensive Benefits for Finance

API integrations deliver added benefits when used across entire work streams. Treasurers can deliver enhanced operational and financial risk management when cash flow certainty increases confidence levels. Enhanced forecasting and the ability to gain better accuracy will result in more invested liquidity and optimized working capital. Finally, in today’s conditions with high turnover, limited staffing, and retainment, automating redundant, mundane processes helps expand the strategic value of your headcount and elevating their value to decision-making.

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