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Cost and Risk Efficiency Analysis

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Kyriba’s Cost and Risk Efficiency (CoRE) Analysis benchmarks current FX exposure, determines potential impact to earnings and provides recommendations to reduce risk and costs.

Create a Greater Roadmap to Cost and Risk Reduction

Kyriba conducts an assessment of current company FX exposure, risk and processes, and produces a Cost and Risk Efficiency (CoRE) Analysis that quantifies current exposure, determines the potential impact to earnings based on a Value at Risk (VaR) calculation and identifies the maximum risk and cost reduction opportunities available. The cost-benefit efficiency graph (the CoRE Curve) makes it easy to identify and execute on realizable risk and cost reduction scenarios relative to the company’s current benchmarked position.

Kyriba Core Curve Graph

The CoRE Analysis Helps Organizations:

  • Identify and quantify existing FX exposure and risk and provides visibility to their source
  • View potential risk reduction opportunities in accordance with company risk tolerance
  • Develop a strategy to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of an FX management process