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Kyriba Financial Transactions Modules

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Kyriba’s Financial Transactions modules support the tracking and management of investment, debt, interest rate derivatives, foreign exchange and commodities transactions through a centralized dashboard available to the treasury team and other departments.

Kyriba’s Financial Transactions modules, as part of Kyriba’s Treasury Management System, provide complete workflows and flexible reporting capabilities across all transaction types, meeting your organization’s specific needs both today and into the future.

The lack of visibility into an organization’s investing and borrowing can leave the treasury department feeling exposed to risk and possible fraud, so it is imperative that the process of tracking and managing the organization’s financial transactions facilitate simple and automated workflows to not burden the productivity of an already busy staff. Financial transaction activities should also be integrated with other functions, such as cash position, cash forecasts and payments in order to have complete, timely and accurate visibility.

Kyriba’s Financial Transactions modules deliver a comprehensive set of capabilities that enables clients to easily manage and track a broad set of financial transactions. Kyriba delivers the control that treasury departments require, with tracking, management and valuation – all seamlessly integrated with accounting and other treasury functions through Kyriba’s leading cloud platform.

Kyriba’s Financial Transactions modules provide visibility into the investing, borrowing, trading, hedging and intercompany activities that are required to make better decisions, gain control and improve financial processes and reporting.

Key Capabilities:

  • Investment, Debt, Interest Rate Derivatives, FX and Commodities transaction tracking and management
  • Integrated market data
  • Multi-currency translation
  • Document attachment
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Seamless integration with other Kyriba modules


  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant
  • Redundant disaster recovery
  • Encryption, authentication and administration
  • Audit trails


  • Modifiable dashboards with hundreds of pre-delivered and configurable reports
  • Automated report delivery
  • PDF, Excel and HTML formats
  • Distribute reports via email

Global Major Upheaval

Kyriba offers a centralized dashboard of all financial transactions managed by the treasury team to provide 100% visibility and the productivity tools to improve the efficiency of deal tracking, portfolio management, settlements, accounting and reporting.

Kyriba’s Suite of Financial Transactions Modules


The Investments module supports the tracking and management of investment transactions. Clients can manage portfolios of short-term and long-term investments, including money market fund, discount, interest-bearing, fixed, floating rate and amortizing contracts.

Debt Management

The Debt module supports the tracking and management of short-term and long-term borrowings, including discount, interest-bearing, fixed, floating rate, amortizing and lease contracts.

Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange module supports the tracking and management of foreign exchange transactions, including spot, forward, non-deliverable forward, swap, plain vanilla and barrier options. The module provides in-depth analytics that drive visibility into FX exposures for better assessment, mitigation and reporting of currency impacts on earnings and financial statements.


Kyriba’s Commodities Risk Management module tracks and generates accounting entries for commodity exposures and derivatives. Kyriba supports a full end-to-end workflow with Position Keeping, Market Valuations and Hedge Accounting.

Interest Rate Derivatives

The Interest Rate Derivatives module supports the tracking and management of fixed-floating swaps, cross currency swaps, caps, floors, and collars. The module also supports the tracking of credit facilities.

Working Capital Solutions

The Capabilities of Kyriba’s Financial Transactions Modules


Kyriba’s Financial Transactions modules store the market value or calculate the mark-to-market internally, depending on the availability of market information for the financial transaction type. Kyriba supports full valuation capabilities, including credit risk and CVA/DVA support.

For internal calculations, Kyriba partners with SIX Telekurs to offer clients Kyriba’s Market Data option, which provides the necessary rates and curves to perform calculations seamlessly within Kyriba. Alternatively, rates can be imported from other market data vendors if desired.

Valuations are calculated at scheduled times or on-demand and stored in the system for reporting and for hedge effectiveness testing.

Accounting Entries

For all transaction types, the appropriate GL entries are generated and posted to the ledger. Accounting entries can be approved prior to posting with all GL transactions maintained within Kyriba’s sub-ledger for a complete history.

Deal Confirmation

Confirmation letters and settlement and payment instructions can automatically be generated for all banks. Electronic documents, such as bills of landing, contracts, etc., can be attached to transactions that are reported in the deal modules. As with all other Kyriba modules, an audit trail is generated with every change to a deal transaction for audit purposes.

Scenario Analysis

Kyriba’s Financial Transactions modules allow additional valuations to be calculated and stored to analyze the sensitivity to different rate or pricing scenarios (e.g., yield curve shift). Parallel or custom rate changes can be analyzed and stored in the system.


Kyriba provides global coverage of your treasury transactions with coverage for a wide range of countries and currencies to support functional currency reporting, consolidating reports and translations. Treasury and finance teams can enter up to 13 currencies in all deals.

Optimal Workflow

Automate and manage customizable workflows to meet your controls and audit requirements. From trading desk and back-office confirmations, to approvals of settlements and the accounting entries, automation and efficiency in all aspects of the workflow is enabled. Additionally, all transactions generate an audit trail for easy audibility.