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FX Balance Sheet

Treasury risk professional

FX Balance Sheet enables treasury professionals to measure, monitor and manage currency exposure and the associated risk from their balance sheet.

Accurate, Complete and Timely Data

For treasury teams to effectively understand and manage corporate risk, they must have access to accurate, complete and timely data.

Kyriba provides tools to facilitate quick data mining from major ERP systems, ensure data accuracy and automate data collection. This gives treasury complete visibility into transaction currency balances, enables them to make better decisions based on the most accurate information and gives them more time to strategically analyze exposures and make risk-mitigating decisions.

A Streamlined Process

Kyriba facilitates transparency into organizational processes, helping clients understand how separate corporate levels (divisions, countries, entities) conduct day-to-day business. Kyriba highlights how local controllers are posting and clearing transactions and forecasting future business. The enrollment process facilitates an end-to-end review of internal processes — from data collection to exposure reporting — allowing for flexibility based on local requirements.

Finance Team Collaboration

Kyriba facilitates cross-functional and interdepartmental collaboration, working as a catalyst to initiate improved internal teamwork and communication.

For treasury and local finance teams, segregation of duties and an establishment of responsibilities and timelines help provide a better understanding of individual roles and how their activities contribute to the greater corporate footprint. The application’s role and field-level access controls inform treasury who is doing what and when, which serves as a critical reporting requirement in auditability and compliance.

On-demand Data Collection
• Eliminate manual time spent collecting exposure data
• Automate data aggregation, mapping and derivation

Extensive Data and Exposure Analytics
• Improve visibility into balances
• Increase transparency into internal processes

User-defined Risk Reporting
• Improve FX exposure and risk reporting
• Increase internal collaboration and FX awareness

Technology-enabled Risk Reduction
• Organically eliminate exposures
• Automate hedge recommendations

End-to-end Workflow Automation
• Eliminate manual processes and human error
• Improve efficiency and security

Informed Decision-making

Whether starting a hedging program from scratch or looking to make improvements to an existing process, Kyriba offers a holistic approach to decision improvement. Automating and streamlining the collection of complete and accurate data gives treasury teams more time to analyze the root cause of exposure and consider all available options to mitigate risk.

With the application, treasury can take advantage of complex data aggregation and display exposures at the corporate or individual entity level. Analytical tools streamline decision making and hedging processes to ensure optimal netting and hedge allocation. The application enables optimized organic exposure elimination and simplifies the hedging process, applying preset parameters to hedge recommendations with review and approvals before secure exposure or trade files are automatically sent to trading platforms or treasury workstations.


Business intelligence brings innovative, graphical analytics to FX Balances Sheet with robust currency exposure and risk visualization.

Kyriba’s business intelligence takes raw data and transforms it into useful business information. By having detailed, timely, easy-to-interpret information, organizations can make better, faster decisions.

The customizable dashboards, reporting and data visualization available allow treasury organizations to understand and manage currency risk in real time. Additionally, these functionalities can be used to help recognize problems before they occur, avoid losses and track currency trends for the future.

Kyriba’s business intelligence combines strategies, processes and technology to support informed business decisions. By transforming static data from spreadsheets into charts, graphs, pivot tables and dashboards, treasury can make faster, more informed decisions with visual and dynamic reporting.