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Kyriba Balance Sheet Exposure Reporting

Exposure reporting

Kyriba Exposure Reporting is a cloud-based currency exposure management platform that enables treasury professionals to measure, monitor and manage currency exposure and the associated risk from their balance sheet.

Streamline and automate your end-to-end FX program with the data you need to measure, monitor and manage currency exposure and the associated risk from your balance sheet.


Data Collection and Consolidation

  • Comprehensive data extraction directly from your ERP
  • Flexible data integration allows uploading of data from additional custom sources
  • On-demand data aggregation, mapping and derivation
  • Data quality assessments with posting and clearing process
  • Systematically consolidate all exposures into a single view

Comprehensive Exposure Analysis and Reporting

  • Drill down into underlying account data from any level
  • View changes in balances and exposures over time with detailed trend reporting
  • Conduct in-depth scenario testing, rate change impact, intercompany relationship, FX gain/loss and data integrity analyses
  • Graphically model exposure and risk with userdefined reporting preferences

Better Data Means Better Decisions

  • Organically reduce exposure and risk with rate scenario testing and currency modeling, VaR analysis, exposure netting, cash conversions and intercompany settlements
  • Technology enabled automatic hedge recommendations reflect FX policy thresholds and minimum hedge amounts
  • Extend the value of treasury management systems (TMS) and trading platform technologies

End-to-End Automated Data Collection through Trade Execution

  • Complete data and exposure reporting on an automated or ad-hoc basis
  • Secure data transfer protocols from major ERP systems using SFTP and HTTPS
  • Automated trade preparation for secure transmission to trading platforms
  • Secure exposure data transfer to TMS
For treasury teams to effectively understand and manage corporate risk, they must have access to accurate, complete and timely data. Kyriba provides tools to facilitate quick data mining from major ERP systems and ensure data accuracy and automate data collection.