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Kyriba Cross-Border Payments

Cross border payments

Transform how you pay foreign currency payments for greater transparency and control.

Kyriba and Standard Chartered Bank transform how their customers make cross-border payments. A unified, robust payments process provides greater visibility of transaction costs, enhanced controls and potential cost savings through process automation. The new API connector built together by Kyriba and Standard Chartered Bank enhances connectivity and delivers a real-time payments experience.

Resilient payment processes
The integration allows customers to consolidate cross-border payments into a single, automated process and reduce the need for multiple bank processes, helping achieve a simpler operational infrastructure. This in turn reduces operational risk and costs.

Furthermore, our customers benefit from Kyriba’s robust centralized approval workflow helping embed operational risk controls into your core processes.

Improved transparency
Kyriba Cross-Border Payments provides access to efficient and transparent cross-currency payments provided by Standard Chartered Bank. The FX spread payable on the Standard Chartered Bank interbank FX rates is disclosed upfront so you always know how much you are charged for your cross-border payments.

The final FX rate is confirmed upon payment authorisation and the available balance on your Standard Chartered Bank account is updated immediately to reflect the transaction.

Wide currency coverage
Kyriba and Standard Chartered provide payments in 27 different currencies using a single, robust process in your Kyriba platform.

Seamless execution through Kyriba
Using Kyriba, send as many as 100 cross-border payment instructions and Standard Chartered Bank will process them, ensuring that all payments meet local clearing system requirements. Any single payment issues do not cause a failure for the remaining payments within the batch.

Automated reconciliations
Payments are automatically reconciled during the day, reducing manual processes, to provide comfort that payments have been processed as expected.

Get up and running quickly
Kyriba Cross-Border Payments is designed to be quick and easy for you to start benefiting from the service. No changes to your existing processes or systems are required and there are no upfront costs.

It’s simply a case of using the new Cross-Border Payments module to initiate and transmit payments from your Standard Chartered Bank or RBS account rather than old, existing bank modules.

Live Payment Tracking
Kyriba offers live tracking of cross-border payments providing status monitoring and reporting on all cross-border flows. Identify any failed payments quickly and easily by monitoring them in real-time.

Kyriba and Standard Chartered Bank Cross-Border Payments Processes