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Liquidity Solutions for Financial Services

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Kyriba enables financial services organizations to achieve global cash visibility, reduce payments fraud and improve audit and controls in finance and treasury.

Kyriba improves compliance and reduces the risk of payments fraud.

Current Industry Challenges

Cash Positioning & Forecasting
Many financial services companies are challenged by insufficient cash visibility and ineffective cash forecasting, resulting in reduced return on cash and unnecessary borrowing costs.

Unique & Complex Accounting
Financial services firms often rely on disparate accounting processes for the management company at both the investor level and the fund level.

Managing Relationship Costs
It is very common for financial services companies to feature a large number of diverse banking relationships across their investment portfolios. Maintaining these relationships can be expensive; financial services companies need guidance on how to manage those costs.

Ineffective Payment Controls
Decentralized payment processes can lead to inconsistent payment controls and processes, creating a compliance nightmare and increasing the risk of payments fraud.

How Kyriba Can Help

Kyriba empowers financial services organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies, to optimize cash and liquidity, reduce operational risk within funds, and streamline cost reduction initiatives. Kyriba enables:

Flexible Reporting and KPIs
Financial services treasurers are often tasked with diverse reporting requirements with needs for multiple drill-downs and visual dashboards. These needs are difficult to address with spreadsheets.

Cash Visibility and Forecasting
Kyriba delivers global oversight of cash across funds, driving 100 percent cash visibility and reliable cash forecasts. Kyriba helps optimize deployment of cash and liquidity, improving investment returns and speeding payback of entity borrowing.

Automated Payments
Kyriba centralizes and standardizes payment controls, aligning payment policies with a digitized, multichannel payment workflow. Kyriba offers internal and external screening to ensure only authorized payments are efficiently delivered.

Reduced Banking Costs
Kyriba improves visibility and control of bank accounts to identify opportunities for bank account rationalization. Kyriba’s bank fee analysis will further support cost reduction initiatives by analyzing accuracy of bank fees and comparability across banks.

Simplified Cash Accounting
Kyriba automates cash and fund level accounting, simplifying generation of journal entries while introducing structured audit and controls to the accounting process. This saves countless hours and offers a single source of record for accounting inquiry.

Business Intelligence
Kyriba provides a business intelligence solution to offer on-demand, drill-around, data visualization to find meaning within high data volumes, while delivering on KPI reporting needs.