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Video on The World’s Most Connected Treasury Platform

Video on The World’s Most Connected Treasury Platform

As the world’s most connected treasury platform, Kyriba has been revolutionizing the treasury and risk management landscape for the past two decades. It has established itself as the go-to authority in the field of treasury management systems (TMS), with a cloud-based SaaS platform and liquidity network that are unrivalled in their breadth and depth of capabilities. In this unpredictable economic climate, CFOs and Treasurers need to be able to rely on their treasury management solutions to provide stability and liquidity assurance. Kyriba facilitates this by offering its customers secure, cutting-edge enterprise connectivity solutions.

Taking into consideration the challenges and the amount of resources required to build its own ERP bank connectivity , many companies have chosen to work with a technology vendor who specializes in providing Connectivity-as-a-Service. Kyriba has been trusted by over 2000 clients globally and offers the following options for connectivity:

Bank Connectivity

Enterprise Connectivity

  • Pre-built and tested connectivity for SAPS/4HANAOracle ERP CloudWorkdayMS DynamicsNetSuite
  • Real-time integration: cash, forecasting, payments, reporting
  • Real-time integrations for new bank reporting
  • Master data and GL synchronizations
  • Eliminates batch processing

Proven ROI with Kyriba Clients

KKyriba’s Value Engineering team is committed to ensuring that every client derives the maximum benefit from their investment in our products and services. Our team works in close collaboration with our clients to fully comprehend how our products and services are utilized to generate value. Drawing on our extensive experience working with clients across various industries, we have developed cutting-edge tools and processes to evaluate the return on investment for each client.

Our team has conducted thorough research to determine the benefits of using Connectivity-as-a-Service, and we have found that it consistently provides tangible returns on our clients’ initial investments. We have found that, in most cases, the choice to use Connectivity-as-a-Service generates tangible return on investment and our clients, who choose to use Kyriba to connect to their banks instead of doing it by themselves, have seen up to 80% reduction in integration time.

For example, Adobe has 125 global users manually logging into 10+ banking portals on a daily basis to process payments and statements. By choosing Kyriba’s Connectivity-as-a-Service for bank connectivity, Adobe has achieved:

  • Centralized repository of 24 signers tracked and 8 bank letter templates maintained
  • 4 Banks connected for bank fee statement reporting and proactive fee management
  • FBAR reporting information generated from Kyriba

Learn More about Connectivity-as-a-Service

If you’re interested in learning more about Connectivity-as-a-Service and the benefits it can bring to your organization, we invite you to participate in Kyriba’s monthly live demo sessions. During these sessions, our team of treasury experts will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Kyriba platform and demonstrate how it can help your treasury and finance teams optimize corporate cash and working capital, manage financial risk, and ultimately drive strategic growth and value by activating enterprise-wide liquidity.

If you’re unable to attend one of our live demo sessions, we also offer an on-demand demo session that you can access at any time. This session provides a detailed overview of the Kyriba platform and its various capabilities, including Connectivity-as-a-Service.

At Kyriba, we are committed to providing our clients with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Request a demo today to learn more about how Kyriba can help your organization achieve its financial goals.