Value Added Services Packages

Kyriba now provides a flexible and seamless way to purchase professional service hours in bundled packages, providing cost savings and efficiency to accelerate time-to-value of consulting engagements.

Value Added Services Packages - Hours

Ideal For:

  • Organizations with ambitious treasury digitalization roadmaps, or foresee organizational growth
  • Treasury and Finance Departments with a strict, predefined budget
  • Resource-constrained organizations
  • Companies who have high or immediate demands for Professional Service hours where time-to-delivery is crucial

VAS Packages are more flexible and can be used towards

projects such as:

  • Implementation of new modules or new bank connections
  • New payment connections or additional payment scenarios
  • Customized 1:1 training for existing or new users
  • Customized report creation
  • Complex configuration changes in existing set-up or live modules
  • Process reviews and workflow optimization
  • Much more!

Request to Resource Assignment in Just 72 Hours
Typical Change Orders can take 3-4 weeks to flow through legal and finance teams before a Professional Services resource is assigned, and they often expire before work is completed. VAS Packages eliminate the need for Change Orders and provide near-immediate engagement without billing or contractual hurdles.

Speak to your Account Manager for rates. 12 Months to initiate service request; 15 months to complete service delivery. No rollover of hours. Hours consumed in 30 minute increments. No customization of packages available & no discounting of rates within packages. Fixed Fee with 100% due upon signature.

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