Financial Risk Management Solutions

Reduce Financial Risk and Protect Against Loss

From FX and interest rate exposures to the possibility of operational disruption, the risks that companies face are numerous and varied. Using Kyriba, senior financial leaders can gain a clearer view of their global risk exposures, manage counterparty limits, achieve derivative and hedge account—and ultimately make more effective risk management decisions.


Track and Manage Financial Exposure

Kyriba supports a complete workflow for managing FX and interest rate risk. From providing sophisticated tracking of currency exposures and transactions to analyzing the sensitivity of different FX and interest rate projections. Kyriba's best-in-class tools help clients minimize their financial risks. Kyriba also supports mark to market valuations, as well as offering commodities deal tracking, valuations and hedge accounting.


Optimize Your Hedging Program

Using Kyriba, clients can achieve derivative and hedge accounting for their FX and interest rate hedging programs. This comprehensive solution supports effectiveness testing and risk designation, as well as generating the appropriate accounting entries to the balance sheet and P&L accounts. Kyriba also supports de-designation events, offers a step-by-step workflow for defining hedges for accounting purposes, and enables drag-and-drop upload of hedge documentation.

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Minimize Operational Risks

Kyriba offers extensive controls and audit trais that minimize errors, protect core data and track touch points on all treasury data. Kyriba detailed segregation of user access and privileges throughout the treasury workflow to ensure that only authorized individuals have access and can approve transactions. Finally, Kyriba's SaaS solution is supported by best-in-class infrastructure and processes to ensure that clients can minimize disruptions due to internal or geographic events.

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“The added financial controls, standardized workflows and treasury wide audit trails have strategically positioned Spotify for its next phase of growth.”

Keep Liquidity Flowing

Liquidity risk is the #1 or #2 risk managment priority for global treasurers, according to surveys. With Kyriba, treasurers can gain a consolidated view of their cash across the organization, minimizing the risk of potential cash deficits. They can also access a real-time consolidated view of corporate liquidity, supporting better decision making. Meanwhile, full integration with internal systems gives treasurers confidence in their cash forecasts.

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Take Control of Counterparty Exposures

Managing financial relationships with banks and counterparties is straightforward with Kyriba. Clients are able to track their exposures, deals and activity by courterparty or across all counterparties. They can also put internal links in place to enforce their internal trading policies. Meanwhile, Kyriba's Working Capital solutions enables buyers to reduce the risk of supply chain disruption by supporting the early payment of supplier invoices.


Risk Management Modules

Kyriba offers a strong set of capabilities for mitigating both financial and operational risk, as well as enhancing global compliance.

  • Interest Rate Hedge Accounting
  • Foreign Exchange Hedge Accounting
  • Interest Rate Valuations
  • Foreign Exchange Valuations