Working Capital Solutions

Supporting our customers’ early payments across 195 programs in 27 currencies for suppliers in 86 countries around the world and trusted by 7 major financial institutions using our technology


End Supply Chain Risk

The pandemic has created unprecedented risk in global supply chains, creating a trade financing gap of $3.4 Trillion.

Mobilize liquidity and inject cash into supply chains so your suppliers have access to much needed liquidity and strategically support your business growth.


Optimize Your Cash

Take control of your cash conversion through enhanced payables and receivables management.

Kyriba delivers program flexibility and cash flow certainty to meet your enterprise liquidity needs.

How to Speed Up Free Cash Flow in a Sluggish Economy
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We chose Kyriba, which offered us a multi-funder reverse factoring platform, integrated with our internal SAP [ERP platform].

Payables Finance

Boost free cash flow and improve net income with our early payment solutions.

Support suppliers with access to much needed liquidity and help to benchmark current payment terms.

Use your excess cash and liquidity or integrate funding partners to optimize payment terms for invoices or purchase orders.

Link organizational sustainability objectives with financial incentives for suppliers to encourage better behaviors, as opposed to punishing suppliers for non-compliance.

Build new early pay programs and consolidate multiple existing bank-led programs into one solution. Create one consolidated global solution for centralized buying units or multiple independent regional solutions for decentralized buying units.

You decide whether to utilize your own balance sheet (Dynamic Discounting) or third-party funding (Supply Chain Finance), or a combination of both as the circumstances dictate.

Optimizing Working Capital with SCF and Dynamic Discounting
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Receivables Finance

Enable sellers to access early payment on outstanding receivables.

Centralize and simplify all receivables finance programs into a single portal.

Remain in control of the most efficient funding sources for its receivables.

Increase sales, reduce credit risk position, and boost organizational cash position.

Pre-built ERP and Bank Connectors for complete integration of multiple AR facilities across funders.


"24% of Kyriba customers say improved working capital management has been the biggest business benefit of choosing Kyriba so far."

Source: TechValidate

Why Kyriba for Working Capital

Centralize Cash Management, Payments, and Working Capital to fully optimize Enterprise Liquidity with early payment options.

  • Global platform supporting 250 million payments per year
  • Supplier and customer onboarding platform
  • Bank/Funder Agnostic Model
  • Supports sustainable and ESG programs to achieve CSR goals
  • Automated Bank and ERP integration
  • Open Cloud Platform

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