Working Capital

Boost Free Cash Flow, Net Income Through Working Capital Optimization

CFOs and senior finance leaders are under mounting pressure to generate additional free cash flow and improve bottom line value. One of the easiest ways to do this is through robust working capital programs that combine scalable technology, expert teams, and key services such as supplier onboarding.


Multiple Early Payment Programs

Kyriba offers two types of early payment programs to improve financial performance: 1) dynamic discounting, which reduces cost of goods sold through the direct discounts earned from suppliers, thereby increasing net income while simultaneously improving the return on excess cash liquidity, and 2) supply chain finance, which facilitates term extension on payables, preserving cash for longer on the balance sheet and increasing free cash flow.

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Reduce Risk in the Supply Chain

With many organizations under pressure to extend DPO by paying suppliers later, Kyriba’s working capital solutions allow suppliers to be paid early in exchange for a discount or financing fee at a lower cost of funding than they can achieve on their own. Early payment programs supported by Kyriba’s cloud platform allow an organization’s suppliers to improve their own working capital to increase production efficiencies and drive growth.

“Kyriba is a very sophisticated FinTech. We like the ease of use of the system. We like the fact that it can support people in multiple languages, we like the fact it provides international Kyriba is a partner and we hope that relationship grows.”

Selecting the Right Technology

Choosing the best solution is critical to the success of any supply chain finance or dynamic discounting program. Kyriba recommends five key criteria when evaluating software and the vendors that support them: expert teams, multi-funder platform, program flexibility, supplier onboarding, and a complete workflow, including cash visibility, forecasting, payments and pre-built ERP integration.

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White Label Solutions for Corporate, Financial Institutions

Kyriba offers white label solutions for corporates and financial institutions looking to offer their own supply chain finance program. Kyriba’s white label solution combines state-of-the-art technology and deep expertise, including program design, to support programs of any size. Kyriba’s scalable, secure cloud platform is perfect for organizations looking to launch a new program, or upgrade an existing program with modern technology.


One Integrated Platform

Kyriba’s working capital programs are delivered as part of an integrated solution set that includes key capabilities cash management, forecasting, payments and more. Kyriba also connects with major ERPs and other key back-office systems for complete liquidity and payment workflows, automation of cash pool allocations, and streamlined invoice settlement. On top of this, Kyriba delivers a supplier portal and onboarding tools to maximize supplier participation.

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Working Capital Modules

To help improve working capital management, Kyriba offers two key early payment programs. Kyriba also offers white label solutions for supply chain finance.

  • Dynamic Discounting
  • Supply Chain Finance