Success Story

Bray International Realizes 100% Cash Visibility and 97% Productivity Gains

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In 1986 Bray International, Inc. was founded with one objective in mind, to become our customer’s global flow control partner. Bray’s worldwide offices and distribution networks have made us truly global. Offering a comprehensive line of innovative flow control solutions has made us an industry leader. And thanks to our unrelenting commitment to quality and customer service, clients around the world have made us their trusted partner.

“Kyriba provided a great tool that allowed us to delever nearly 30% just by knowing where our cash was, where it was needed, and getting it there in the most efficient manner, eliminating needless borrowing. We are a very satisfied client. We utilize Kyriba every day. Kyriba is one of the easiest and most robust applications I have ever used.”

Morty Mandel, Director of Finance

Operating in over 25 countries, Bray International found themselves in spreadsheet chaos, with limited visibility into global cash positions, resulting in inefficient processes and needless borrowing. With Kyriba, they saw immediate deleverage results and value realization in global visibility and standardized forecasting, with significant gains in productivity.

Before Kyriba

  • Decentralized processes using multiple Excel spreadsheets
  • Limited cash visibility resulting in needless borrowing.
  • Non-standard cash forecasting
  • Cumbersome and loss of confidentiality in payments

Positive Outcomes with Kyriba

  • Global and centralized visibility into cash positions
  • Standardized cash forecasting
  • Better utilization of cash to service debt
  • Drastically reduced error rate
  • Robust security and confidentiality
  • Improved GL Reconciliation speed and accuracy

Modules Implemented

  • Cash Management
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Cash Accounting
  • Financial Transactions
  • Payments
  • GL Reconciliation

What’s Next

  • Payment Factory
  • FX Risk Management
» 97% productivity gains in reconciliation processes
» 30% deleverage even through Covid