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FX Gain/Loss Analytics

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Uncovering the Source of Unexpected FX Results
FX gain/loss analysis can be time-consuming and difficult to perform during month-end and quarter-end reporting periods. Invariably, treasury and accounting teams are left scrambling to isolate and analyze the source of unexpected FX results.

To combat this difficult task, Kyriba delivers two levels of analytics for companies working in a daily or single rate environment:

FX Gain/Loss Analytics
Kyriba’s FX Gain/Loss Analytics are designed to radically simplify the process that treasury and accounting teams undertake to provide a quick assessment and explanation of unexpected FX impacts.

By sourcing exposure snapshots, hedge positions and rates, FX Gain/Loss Analytics empower treasury and accounting with a quick and intuitive way to identify unexpected impacts from individual entities and currency pairs.

Premium FX Gain/Loss Analytics
Premium FX Gain/Loss Analytics are designed to meet the needs of treasury and accounting teams that require a deeper understanding of the specific transactions that are the source of unexpected impacts, as well as impacts that surpass materiality thresholds.

Additional benefits of the Premium FX Gain/Loss Analytics include the ability to monitor FX movements throughout the accounting period, enabling proactive analysis and issue resolution throughout the month versus at month- or quarter-end.

Armed with this proactive and in-depth analytical capability, treasury and accounting teams can provide more consultative support to local business unit finance and accounting teams to apply corrective actions and additional training to reduce the likelihood erroneous transaction postings will reoccur.

Kyriba FX Gain/Loss Analytics Empower Treasury and Accounting To:

  • Calculate impacts of rate changes in exposures
  • Quickly identify impacts that surpass materiality thresholds
  • Pinpoint accounting or posting issues that were the source of FX impacts
  • Swiftly and effectively respond to FP&A and CFO questions
  • Minimize future FX impacts to financial statements