Valuations & Accounting: FX Exposure Management

Valuations & Accounting: FX Exposure Management

Kyriba provides comprehensive solutions for FX exposure management, mark-to-market, and  derivative and hedge accounting to support corporate hedging programs and facilitate regulatory compliance. The solutions allows fast, automated valuation postings across your entire portfolio, saving you time and speeding up your financial close.

Kyriba’s Risk Management solution offers regulatory compliance for FASB, IAS, ASC, and IFRS derivative accounting standards. With a team of FX experts, Kyriba offers FX Advisory Services to help you navigate complex regulatory standards with ease. Kyriba’s solutions are built to meet the depth and complexity that modern organizations require for hedging and accounting.

Kyriba’s FX Risk Management solution also seamlessly integrates with its cash management, liquidity forecasting, payments and analytics with global bank connectivity coverage. With Kyriba, you no longer need to rely on multiple systems to achieve your hedging goals. The cloud-based SaaS platform simplifies the support for your hedging program, but offers premium product performance, managed upgrades and eliminates IT dependencies.

Kyriba’s in-house developed accounting engine generates structured accounting entries, full audit trails, and automates financial reporting and controls. This ensures that your accounting processes are efficient, accurate, and comply with regulatory standards.

Kyriba automates the mark-to-market process to calculate valuations for all derivatives. The valuation engine allows clients to run valuations across their entire portfolio whenever needed during the month. Valuations use market rates and curves from Kyriba’s Market Data service, while market information can also be accessed from third-party platforms. Kyriba’s audit logs and information storage offer complete transparency to the valuation process.

Watch this video to get an overview. If you are interested to learning more about how to automate seamlessly across your FX management process? Check out Kyriba’s latest demo session and see how Kyriba helps its clients mitigate the effects of currency volatility and reduce hedging costs.