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Kyriba FX Advisory Services

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Kyriba’s FX Advisory Services delivers customized solutions to implement and optimize global FX risk management programs.

From execution to accounting, FX risk management is a complex, ever-shifting responsibility, which is difficult for organizations to fully staff the necessary level of in-house expertise. Lack of FX business intelligence leads to costly mistakes due to currency and market volatility.

Whether your company has been hedging foreign currency risks for decades, or feeling material impacts from FX volatility for the first time, Kyriba’s FX Risk Advisory Services will design the best path forward to create, or revitalize your FX risk management program. We can serve as an extension of your team or take the lead managing projects.

FX Advisory Services Differentiating Benefits

  • Broad Based FX Expertise Kyriba’s FX team carries a wide range of experience with backgrounds in corporate treasury, FX risk software, financial institutions & traders, and public accounting firms. We will bring our breadth of experiences to you.
  • Large and Diverse Client Kyriba Base Kyriba’s growth and diverse client base ensures that the FX Advisory Services team is continuously learning. We get exposed to and have a hand in developing best practices in the market.
  • Bridge Between Treasury & Accounting We have backgrounds focused on treasury and accounting and will find solutions that delivers the economics for treasury while ensuring accounting is cared for with efficient processes, accurate entries, and compliance.
  • Project Management Approach We will drive projects from start to finish, keeping key milestones on track.
  • Flexible Solutions Every company has unique challenges and circumstances, along with endless variables in the world of FX. We strive to find a customized best-fit solution for all clients and will not box companies into a one-size fits all recommendation.
  • Detail Focused The devil is in the details when it comes to FX transactional risk and derivative accounting. We advise clients on designing processes that yield the most effective results, which requires digging in deep from multiple angles.
FX Strategy Discovery Sessions Working sessions led by FX Advisory to conduct deep dives into current hedge objectives, risks, and hedging strategies to consider. Kyriba develops summary reports and roadmaps of suggested next steps and opportunities for optimization:
• Recommendations report
• FX Risk Management Roadmap and Strategic Plan
FX Risk/Exposure Analysis Deep assessment and analysis on risk and exposures. Kyriba Advisory Services aggregates exposure data, validates data, quantitatively analyzes risk, assesses key timing aspects of transactional exposures, and discusses opportunities for natural or operational hedging. Management presentation summarizing FX risks, which includes:
• Summary of independent and aggregated exposure positions
• Detailed overview of key risks and timing
• Quantitative analytics on FX risks
• Identified natural or operational netting/hedging opportunities
FX Hedge Program Implementation Services The Hedge Program Implementation package gives Kyriba clients the expertise and support required to start a new hedge program from scratch. Kyriba Advisory Services is an extension of your team to identify risks, develop the most appropriate risk management objectives and design a custom hedge program. Designed hedge strategies are prepared to go-live with:
• Draft FX Risk Management Policy (operational policy)
• FX Hedging Procedures Document
• Summary document of hedge strategies
• Draft Hedge Accounting Policy
• Draft designation documentation and quantitative effectiveness assessments
FX Program Review & Revitalization Kyriba Advisory Services designs customized work plans, tailored to review existing policies and practices, and diagnose issues. Clients will be left with insight to what is driving ineffectiveness in their hedge program and actionable ideas to make improvements. Variable, and customized for each engagement. Commonly involving a scorecard analysis of existing processes with go forward recommendations.
Custom Consulting Commonly used to review client/existing hedge programs, review functional currency determination, review rate setting methodology, conduct peer analysis, M&A due diligence and integration. Confirmations/recommendations of reviewed processes. Can have customized deliverables agreed upon with client/prospect. Examples include:
• FX hedging strategy design and blueprinting, policies and procedures, hedge documentation, disclosure review
• Analysis of functional currency, FX exposures, hedge results
• Review of underlying FX transaction accounting
• Effectiveness testing guidance and setup
• M&A due diligence and hedge strategy integration
• Benchmarking of FX hedging approaches or results
Learn how to transform FX Risk Management processes to deliver more predictable and effective results with Kyriba’s leading FX Risk Management solution and our FX Advisory Services Team today. Reach out to our team of FX Risk Management professionals at: [email protected].