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Kyriba Report Finds Corporate Liquidity Increases to $3.5 Trillion, a Year-Over-Year increase of $180 Billion

May 1, 2024

This first-of-its kind study provides greater transparency into the drivers of liquidity performance for corporate America

Report finds Financials, Real Estate and IT have the greatest access to liquidity

SAN DIEGO – MAY 1, 2024 – Kyriba, the global leader in liquidity performance, today unveiled the first-of-its-kind Corporate Liquidity Performance Report, which found that corporate liquidity health increased to nearly $3.5 Trillion by the end of 2023, which is a year-over-year increase of $180 Billion compared to 2022. The report also shows that total liquidity of public US companies with revenue over $1.0 Billion has trended higher over the past four quarters, which is evidence of the continued economic uncertainty and ongoing market volatility.

“CFOs need to demonstrate resilience and agility to changing market conditions. Yet finance teams are stuck in ‘Liquidity Gridlock’ – antiquated spreadsheets, fragmented data, and disconnected systems,” said Melissa Di Donato, Chair & CEO of Kyriba. “This report highlights the significance of dependable, timely liquidity insights and demonstrates how our liquidity performance platform plays a pivotal role in improving our customers’ access to liquidity.”

To better understand the drivers of a healthy financial performance and corporates’ access to Short-Term Liquidity (STL), which is liquidity that can be rapidly deployed, Kyriba calculated these findings by sourcing cash equivalents, short-term investments and available credit, while deducting the current portion of long-term debt and net interest expense. The report analyzed quarterly data from over 1,000 US corporations with annual revenues exceeding $1 Billion USD in 2023, excluding banking institutions, to develop its report.

Highlights from the April 2024 Corporate Liquidity Performance Report include:

  • Corporate Liquidity for US companies was $3.46 Trillion at the end of 2023, a year over year increase of $180 Billion.
  • The top three industries with the greatest access to liquidity in 2023: Non-Bank Financials, Information Technology and Real Estate Services.
  • The Kyriba Short-Term Liquidity (STL) Index, a measure of variability normalized by revenue size, increased 5.0% quarter-over-quarter and 5.6% year-over year.
  • Large corporations (over $50B revenue) exhibit lower and more stable STL Index ratios, while smaller ($1-5B revenue) firms were more responsive to changes in market conditions.

Kyriba also assessed its customers within the study to evaluate access to liquidity against their peers. The report found:

  • Companies using Kyriba exceed the Short-Term Liquidity Index by an average of 6%, or $12 million per $1 Billion in annual revenue.
  • Kyriba customers further outperformed in key sectors including non-bank Financials ($79M higher per $1B revenue), Information Technology ($131M higher per $1B revenue), Industrials ($83M higher), and Communications ($60M higher per $1B revenue).

Kyriba attributes these observations to improved capabilities to connect, protect, forecast and optimize liquidity enabled by Kyriba’s Liquidity Performance Platform.

About Kyriba Corp.
Kyriba is a global leader in liquidity performance that empowers CFOs, Treasurers and IT leaders to connect, protect, forecast and optimize their liquidity. As a secure and scalable SaaS solution, Kyriba brings intelligence and financial automation that enables companies and banks of all sizes to improve their financial performance and increase operational efficiency. Kyriba’s real-time data and AI-empowered tools empower its close to 2,400 customers worldwide to quantify exposures, project cash and liquidity, and take action to protect balance sheets, income statements and cash flows. Kyriba manages more than 3 billion bank transactions and $15 trillion in payments annually and gives customers complete visibility and actionability, so they can optimize and fully harness liquidity across the enterprise and outperform their business strategy.


Natalie Paffmann
Director, Public Relations & Media
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