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AFP 2022: Kyriba Client Testimonials for Enterprise Liquidity Management

AFP 2022: Kyriba Client Testimonials for Enterprise Liquidity Management

Organizations from many industries and of various sizes have embraced Kyriba for their enterprise liquidity management needs. At AFP’s annual conference, our team set up a testimonial station at our convention booth, where clients and users shared their insights and the benefits that Kyriba has offered for their operations. In this Kyriba client testimonials video, clients highlighted some of the key advantages of leveraging the Kyriba platform:


Since implementing Kyriba, many clients have said that they have streamlined their treasury operations and reduced manual interventions, thus boosting productivity. Tasks that took hours or even days are now accomplished in a matter of minutes, allowing teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Centralized Visibility

Many clients reported that, before implementing Kyriba, they had to log into various portals in order to obtain all their liquidity data. Kyriba provides a centralized hub for all treasury-related information. Clients can easily access and manage data from multiple banks and platforms in one convenient location, providing comprehensive visibility and empowering better decision-making.

Time Savings

Manual processes are inefficient and time consuming. Kyriba provides clients with the ability to automate their processes and gives them access to real-time data, drastically reducing errors and turnaround times. In addition, this enables our clients’ treasury teams to work more efficiently.

Improved Cash Management

Kyriba empowers clients to gain better control over their cash positions and liquidity. Our clients indicate that the real-time visibility into their global cash balances and cash flows allows for more accurate forecasting and optimization of cash usage.

Holistic Treasury Management

Kyriba offers a comprehensive suite of features, which allows clients to manage various treasury functions within a single platform. Kyriba consolidates critical treasury operations, which provides our clients with a holistic view of all their financial activities.

Scalability and Adaptability

When an organization is growing, they need a solution that will grow with them. Kyriba clients have indicated that, without Kyriba, they wouldn’t be able to operate efficiently because of the growth they have experienced.

Join the many clients who have relied on Kyriba to unlock efficiency and elevate treasury operations. Find out the positive impact Kyriba can have on your organization.